Things Not to Try at a Mall - Escalator Helicoptors

(Photo illustration using Thinkstock) Escalator Helicoptors, the new thing

Next time you're at your local mall picking up some underpants or a smoothie, make sure to keep an eye on the escalators—you might just catch a bozo or two trying to pull off the latest YouTube trend, Escalator Helicoptoring.

What are Escalator Helicoptors? It's when someone decides to lie prone on their back on both an up and down escalator handrail, and let the up-and-down motions twirl them around. Like a helicoptor.

Observe, below, examples of people doing it wrong (most funny), people doing it just-okay, and people doing it right. The guy in the first video wound up having to pay the mall $3,700 in damages, so, uh, don't try this at home, kids.

Escalator Helicoptor - You're Doing It Wrong:
This guy kind of can do it, but it hurts his back:
Escalator Helicoptor - The Right Way:
Also, Spiderman-ish:

(via Gawker)
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