Man With No Teeth Can Make His Mustache Dance [VIDEO]

This is Clydesdale, he has no teeth, but can make his mustache dance. Check it out:
The guys from out filming a video when they met Clydesdale, a homeless man who has a unique talent—mustache dancing! They write:
So we were out filming a video for our prank channel on youtube ( and ran into this homeless man. I was impressed by his beard and said something like, "awesome beard!" (I lack beard growing capabilities) he said, "oh yeah? check this out!" and then proceeded to show us his funny talent. I thought it was really cool, so I turned my camera on and the video starts from there.
The guys from Whatever have started an Indiegogo crowd-funding project to help Clydesdale out—and so far they've raised more than $680. Want to pitch in and lend a hand to the man with the dancing mustache? You can donate right here.
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