This Music Video Calculates How Much All That Brand-Name-Dropping in Music Videos is Worth [VIDEO]

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Ever wonder how much it would cost to live like a rockstar—or, at least, how much it would cost to live like a rockstar says he lives in their music videos? The CDZA—a collective of experimental music video-makers—takes a run at this precise question with their newest video, Hip Hop Shopping Spree. Check out their grand total—$56,664,805.81!!—the hilarious video, and their "methodology" right here. From CDZA's YouTube channel: ***Methodology for price determination***Prices were calculated...Read Full Story

Don't Worry, Rebel Wilson, We Would've Done the Same Thing [VIDEO]

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(Getty Images) Rebel Wilson, Channing TatumBehold: a new Rebel Wilson MTV Movie Awards promo video feat. a guest appearance by the mega-hot Channing Tatum:Read Full Story

The New Official Hangover III Trailer is Here [VIDEO]

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They're baaaaack.... in Vegas! The Hangover Wolf Pack trio make their third and final appearance in the film franchise. It's not entirely clear from this first peek trailer what happens in the movie—all we know is that Alan buys a giraffe:Here's the trailer:Read Full Story

Fashion's Newest It-Band - Starred

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Once or twice a year, one band or artist is anointed the It-fashion-act of the moment—and right now, that title belongs to New York-based duo Liza Thorn and Matthew Koshak of Starred. The New York Times profiles Thorn today—and describes the band's sound as "dreamy psychedelic rock with guitar pitted against feedback and drone effects" with vocals that are "often buried underneath dissonance."Check out the whole story right here—we love how writer William Van Meter describes what Thorn is...Read Full Story

Video: Male Models Talk About Their Moms

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Male models, we love 'em—so much so that we spent days backstage at New York Fashion Week asking them tons of hard-hitting questions... like "How Do You Date a Male Model?" and "Can You Show Us Your Best Blue Steel Face?" and "What Are Your Secret Talents?"Check out the latest video in our male model series—wherein we ask them about the most important women in their lives, their moms. Cue the cuteness!Check out all our New York Fashion Week coverage right here and tell us which male model is...Read Full Story

Video: Fun With Male Models—Ever Wonder What These Guys Do For Fun? Plus, Secret Talents!

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Welcome to the third installment of our New York Fashion Week video series, a hard-hitting behind-the-scenes investigation into the world of male models. Okay, maybe not so hard-hitting, but we are asking all the important questions—like "Can You Show Us Your Best Blue Steel Impression" and "How Do You Date a Male Model?" See? We've got all the important stuff covered.Today, we're bringing you Fun With Male Models.Have you ever wondered what these gorgeous specimens of humankind do in their...Read Full Story

Video: Male Models Do Their Best 'Blue Steel'—Amazingness Ensues

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Besides the clothes, shoes, handbags, and celebrities, the thing that makes us most excited about New York Fashion Week is—OMG—male models. That's why, this season, we've dedicated our behind-the-scenes video endeavors to bringing you some hard-hitting reporting from backstage at men's shows. Remember yesterday when we brought you a video all about How to Date a Male Model? Well, today we're back with a video of Male Models Doing Their Best "Blue Steel"—a la Zoolander.Take a look:And, in case...Read Full Story

Fashion Week DIY: How to Date a Male Model, a Video Primer

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The mind of a male model is a complex, unsolvable Rubik’s Cube. But because our relentless pursuit of hard-hitting fashion journalism knows no limits, StyleBistro Associate Editors Lindsay Schallon and Lauren Frankfort braved the backstage scene to give you this rare and inside look at what makes these impossibly handsome men tick.Find out what this male model's favorite pick-up line is:Find out which body part this male model told us to touch (blush!):And find out what this male model says...Read Full Story