StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Bloggers Renee Ogaki and Rebecca Lay of STYLUSTE

StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Bloggers Renee Ogaki and Rebecca Lay of STYLUSTE Renee Ogaki
1. What's your name, age and blog?

Renee Ogaki is 21, Rebecca Lay is 22, and we are the co-editors of STYLUSTE.

2. Define your personal style.

Renee's dress is very "downtown", lots of minimalist, black and white clothing with an overload of accessories. She loves black pants, comfortable
knits, and can't say no to anything with spikes. While Rebecca's style is
much of the same, her minimalism comes with a hint of prim and pretty. For
her, bows are what spikes are for Renee.

StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Bloggers Renee Ogaki and Rebecca Lay of STYLUSTE Rebecca Lay
3. What will you be wearing this spring?

Renee isn't a big dress person, but (with the help of Rebecca) is trying to change that for spring=96she loves the idea of a flowy, feminine dress worn with chunky heels. Otherwise, definitely plan on seeing Renee in her usual black-on-black with added stacks of colorful bracelets. Rebecca usually gets
girlier as the the weather warms, so she'll be breaking out the sundresses and a spectrum of lipsticks--from bright pink to orange-red!

4. Blogging is [FILL IN THE BLANK]

Blogging is life-changing. You have to become comfortable with writing about
yourself and taking photos everywhere you go, and you have to be on the
constant lookout for the newest blogging/social media tools. The great thing
is that you no longer have to feel guilty about shopping or going out ("It's
for the blog!"), but you also have to be willing to invest a lot of time and
effort. But we absolutely love it, and we're so thankful for all the new
opportunities that have come along because of it!

5. What are your online must-reads?

Renee is a huge fan of Garance Dore, she has a great sense of humor that
brings the fun back to fashion. For Rebecca, that must-read blog is Design
Love Fest by Bri Emery. It inspires her to find the beauty in both the
whimsical and the everyday. For the latest fashion news, we both check,, and

6. Biggest shopping splurge ever?

The most expensive thing Renee has ever bought with my her own money was
her Proenza Schouler PS1. She was obsessing for months over the medium black
version, so she saved up from a part-time job and bought it as a Christmas
present to herself. We both agree that it was so worth it! Rebecca's Marc
Jacobs Collection Day to Night "Single" Bag was her most expensive purchase.
Once again, a great investment--it really does take her through all occasions!

7. Have you ever posted photos of yourself in a look you regretted later? What was it?

We don't have any photos we regret on the blog as of yet. But in terms of
social media... Renee regrets basically every picture she posted during her
high school "scene/emo" phase. A teal-colored graphic tee, gray skirt, neon
pink tights, and brightly colored bracelets stacked up to her elbows? Oh
yes, she wore it. Over any photos she may have posted, Rebecca regrets what
she wrote on her old Xanga in high school. Five abbreviations are quite
enough for one paragraph, especially if they're unrecognizable evolutions of
"LMAO" and "ROFL."

8. One print magazine you can't live without?

We both adore Vanity Fair. It's one of those magazines that's serious enough
so that you don't feel guilty reading it, but fun enough so that you're left
dying to try a new trend or beauty product. Plus, the articles are so incredibly well researched and written.

9. What's your dream job?

For Renee, that would be a PR position in the luxury field, dappling in both
social media marketing and event planning. She loves writing, so blogging
and tweeting all day is almost addicting for her. But there's also nothing
better than the excitement of pulling off a huge event, whether it's a
Fashion Week show or the Met Ball. While Rebecca also loves digital
marketing and PR, her dream job would be in buying at one of her two
favorite department stores: Bergdorf Goodman or Barneys. But of course, that
wouldn't stop her from taking the time to write every day.

10. What excites you most about the Magic trade show?
We're both very excited to meet all of the other bloggers, it will be a great
experience to learn from this talented group and apply fresh new ideas to
STYLUSTE! Can't wait.
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