StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Blogger Bree Cooley of Stylist Diva

StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Blogger Bree Cooley of Stylist Diva Bree Cooley
1. What's your name, age and blog?

Bree Cooley, 33,

2. Define your personal style.

I would describe my style to be, simple-yet-chic, classy and
comfortable, with a touch of the latest trends.

3. What will you be wearing this spring?

Pale greys, corals, gold jewelry, 70's inspired, fluid, flowing
pieces are perfect for spring.

4. Blogging is [FILL IN THE BLANK].

Blogging is my life and my addiction.

5. What are your online must-reads?

Fashion Gone Rogue, This is Glamorous, decor8.

6. Biggest shopping splurge ever?

Dior Sunglasses. I HAD to have them. Went in to window shop, came
out broke.

7. Have you ever posted photos of yourself in a look you regretted later? What was it?

Not on my blog, but on my facebook. As a joke. But now that I've been looking at
the pictures, I regret wearing that hideous, sleeveless jean vest- EVERYWHERE
I went. OMG. But then again we all have regrets about our fashion sense from
the past.

8. One print magazine you can't live without?


9. What's your dream job?

I'm basically living it. But I also would love to be the next Martha Stewart, in
fashion world. To build an empire from the ground up and to be able to reach
out to millions of women worldwide.

10. What excites you most about the Magic trade show?

Seeing so many wonderful brands I love and discovering new ones, all
under the same roof. I also love meeting all the new people.

Editor, graphic designer, illustrator.