StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Blogger Erin Weinger of StyleSectionLA

StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Blogger Erin Weinger of StyleSectionLA Erin Weinger
1.    What's your name, age and blog?

Erin Weinger, 26. I'm one of the co-founders of

2.    Define your personal style.

Scavenger hunt-chic. As in, I can find cool pieces pretty much anywhere I go (at least I like to tell myself that). AKA the floral pop art printed smock my mom wore while an art student in the 70s paired with my grandmas circa 1985 Gucci clutch and gold T-strap heels I found on the clearance rack at Steve Madden. I also once bought a tie-dyed dress at Rite-Aid that goes particularly well with a pair of plum Manolo Blahniks that I've had for years. I'm not picky; cool fashion is cool fashion.

3.    What will you be wearing this spring?

My friend Renee and I recently started hosting small, private clothing sales
with vintage gear that weve sourced throughout California. So I'll be
wearing whatever our friends don't buy. This includes (but isn't limited
to): long silk accordion skirts, candy-colored nipped-waist dresses that
fall to mid-calf and a tiger eye ring that was slated for sale before I
decided to steal it for myself instead (sorry, Renee). There is also an
amazing long, metallic floral tunic I'm eyeing that unfortunately requires a
bit more gym time than I'm willing to give at the moment. But that doesn't
mean I won't be wearing it alone in my living room.

 4.    Blogging is [FILL IN THE BLANK].

Heaven or hell, depending on the day, the weather, how much money is in your
bank account, if you're having a good hair day and the amount of sleep you
got the night before.

5.    What are your online must-reads?

I'm a news junkie and read the New York Times and the LA Times throughout
the day., Mashable and Techcrunch are three great
reads for tech and social media stuff; because I know nothing
about Hollywood industry and wish that I did. And Apartment Therapy to look
at pictures of pretty rooms that remind me to clean my house.

6.    Biggest shopping splurge ever?

A Chanel bag I bought during a brief lapse in judgment during a college
weekend in Vegas. I felt so guilty that I couldn't sleep and returned it a
week later.

7.    Have you ever posted photos of yourself in a look you regretted
later? What was it?

I've never posted a photo of myself in an outfit on Style Section L.A.,
we're more of a news-based website. Some of the Forever 21 halter-tops that
are in my college-era Facebook albums, on the other hand, are a different

8.    One print magazine you can't live without?

The New York Times, T Magazine.

9.    What's your dream job?

Great question, as I think I'm currently going through what they call =
a quarter life crisis. But the thought of one day being a published author
and having the freedom to write for national magazines, newspapers and
websites all while traveling the world, of course doesn't sound like such a bad deal.

10.    What excites you most about the Magic trade show?

I can't wait to attend some of the awesome-sounding social media panels that
are scheduled and also hope to discover some rad new lines on the show
floor. I love meeting new people so I'm really excited to run around and
network like crazy. I'm also quite pumped to play the slots at the airport.
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