All The Feelings You Have When A Trip Is About To Be Over

You'll finally find out what "bittersweet" is all about.

All The Feelings You Have When A Trip Is About To Be Over

When the end of a long trip is right around the corner, there are many feelings a person goes through. You feel excited about the prospect of a washing machine, and the idea of not having to share another room with seven other people ever again. You get visions of shelves you can actually stack your clothes on, and not just rampage through crinkled outfits from the inside of a cramped suitcase. Showers will be entered without flip flops, and couches could be stretched across. You see homecomings with confetti guns fired by your best friends, and dinner dates with Chinese food that actually tastes like Chinese food. The end is near! But then again...

...You start thinking about all the amazing adventures, people, late nights, long afternoons, and best friends you'll be cashing in for the daily grind and regular routine. And you become depressed. And excited. But also depressed. And confused. It's great. Below are all the feelings you'll have when a trip is about to end. 

1. I can't wait to leave this suitcase on the conveyor belt at the airport and never see it again. #wereover

2. Also, I can't wait to rub all my dresses all over my body. After months of threadbare cotton shirts and thrift store sweaters, it's going to be orgasmic. 

3. What should I eat first when I come home? Sushi? Kimchi tacos? A proper burger? Fries and not chips? God, so many things to mull over. 

4. It's going to be so amazing seeing my friends again. There better be a welcome back party in the works on some secret Facebook group.

5. My mom is going to freak out when I give her all these magnets I collected in random souvenir shops. The giant sausage one from Poland is my fave.

6. My brother better not have turned my room into his own personal closet.

7. I'm going to miss breaking out this ratty passport, though.

8. And taking lunches in outdoor cafes tucked away at the end of windy streets.

9. And ordering who-knows-what in my bad, broken languages. 

10. And making friends at hostels that feel like soul mates for a handful of days. Cooking dinners at midnight and sharing bottles of wine in bunk beds. I wish I could take them all back with me.

11. But being back at home will be the same too, right?

12. Oh God, no it won't. I'm going to be shiny and new for a couple of days and then it'll be back to paying rent and getting on with work and sitting in traffic and watering my office plant. 

13. Though at least now I can go to my favorite donut shop and not only daydream about it? 

14. My silver linings suck. 

15. Oh my God, I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME. Mayday, I need to delete my ticket. I'M STAYING OUT HERE.

16. Ugh I know I'm not. This is depressing.

17. I guess I can drown my sorrows by getting drinks with my friends. I'll make them buy me a pitcher of sangria and I'll just drink it by myself, in a sulky silence, while they fill me in on everything I missed.

18. And I can always start planning the next getaway. I'll start building the Pinterest board on the plane back to the states, it'll be great. 

19. *Kisses passport and snuggles it.* Until next time. I won't make you wait too long. I pinky promise. 

20. But for now, it's time to go back home. 

21. *Heart breaks*