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19. Don't forget the stroller
This one may seem obvious to most new parents, but for some reason I really thought I wasn't a stroller person. My plan was to use a hand-me-down stroller that conveniently fit our newborn car seat and then just wear baby in a carrier forever after that. While our daughter did get plenty of carrier time, she also eventually got pretty darn heavy, so we gave in and bought multiple strollers...

Four, to be exact.

So much for our minimalist ideals. But, really, they've each served a different purpose and were bought over the course of a couple years, (it turns out toddlers like to be pushed around, too...).

Here are some stroller types to consider as you figure out what you actually need:

- A stroller that fits your infant car seat. So nice when you don't want to wake baby from a car ride but you also don't want to carry around that bulky seat.

- An umbrella stroller. We bought two. A nice one and a beater for traveling. They're great because they're small and fit easily in the trunk of your car.

- A higher-end, 3-wheeled stroller. For daily use and high maneuverability, it's great to have a light-weight, 3-wheeled stroller. Check out the City Mini and its competitors.

- A jogging stroller. A Bob is the classic choice, but there are plenty of highly maneuverable options out there.

And, then, of course, there are double strollers if you have multiple little people...

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