What to Wear: Channeling Anastasia Steele

(Photos: Frank Ockenfels for Entertainment Weekly, Zara)

Like a lot of hiding-their-book-behind-another-book-in-public people, we read the first installment of Fifty Shades of Grey. Frankly, given our role as a style-meets-pop culture barometer, it was our professional duty to do so. (Full disclosure: we didn't make it through Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed, or Fifty Shades: the Empire Strikes Back.)

And while we may have insisted with every breathless page turn that we "didn't see what the big deal was" while simultaneously managing to miss our goddaughter's christening, uncle's retirement party, and a day of work in the process of finishing said smut book, we guess we can admit that the story has its moments.

So when Entertainment Weekly recently rolled out a series of exclusive pics from the hotly anticipated film adaptation starring Dakota Johnson as the "Hollywood's version of mousy" Anastasia Steele and the smoldering Jamie Doran as Christian Grey, we didn't totally freak out from a film-going perspective, but we did get a little bit hot under the collar over Dakota Johnson's charcoal slip dress/vehicle for provocative lip-biting.

Johnson's dress (pictured above) has a ballerina-in-heat feeling that's pretty compelling; however, we're partial to Zara's more literal lingerie-style take on the theme, a lace-trimmed spaghetti strap number that we're planning to dress down with a chunky cardigan and tights for a '90s-era Kate Moss look with a modern-day "glamour at the supermarket" vibe. Or, you know, for our next date with that very young, unbelievably successful (but ultimately dark and tormented) mogul we're interviewing for the school paper ...

Above: Lingerie-Style Dress, $59.90 at Zara; pictured with Neoprene Ankle Boots, $99.90 at Zara

From Left: Kirsten Winter Knitted Cardigan, $255 at Reiss, Pretty Eagle Cardi by Sessun, $240 at Steven Alan

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