What to Wear: Thanksgiving Pajama Party

(Photos: J.Crew, Madewell)

To our way of thinking, the post-Thanksgiving meal outfit change is the pajama party equivalent of the Vanity Fair Oscars shindig. This is why, in addition to our Thanksgiving Dinner and Thanksgiving Second-Helpings outfits, we're also devising a digestion-friendly uniform. (For the portion of the evening when we finally wave our white flag at the dining table.)

Let's just clarify here: we're not talking pajama-style shirts and pants (whose praises we also sing often enough), we're talking about full-fledged wear-to-bed pajamas ideal for seeing through your food coma in style.

We've scouted our three ultimate loungewear options (below), each designed to put a glamorously louche spin on over-fullness and provide for a full range of motion if, say, your family is into Charades or an annual holiday Wii Grand Slam Tennis tournament. Accessorize these with fresh mint tea—and maybe just one more tiny sliver of pumpkin pie (because that right side needs evening up).

Araks Ally Polka Dot Pajama Shirt and Pant, $338 and $265 at Barneys New York 

The Sleep-In Set in Domino Dot, $79.50 at Madewell

Pajama Set in Bright Cerise Plaid Flannel, $95 at J.Crew

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