What to Wear: With a Plaid Shirt

What to Wear: With a Plaid Shirt (Source: Startraks, Instagram) Perhaps you haven’t worn a plaid shirt since you’re My So-Called Life-inspired teen-angst phase, or think that flannel is too lumberjack-y to pull off as a chic sartorial choice. A host of celeb and street-style sightings, however, are revealing just how stylish and versatile plaid can be.

For a sleek, tailored look, take a cue from Jessica Alba. The actress and Honest Company founder paired a short-sleeved plaid shirt with skinny jeans and a woven belt. Colorful pumps—revered for dressing up any casual ensemble—work their magic beautifully with this trend, too.

If you’re in the mood for a more liberating, free-spirited fashion experience, direct your attention to the styling preferences of La La Anthony, who was recently spied in a black-and-red flannel sans pants. Keep in mind that this is a bold move, and only successful when wearing a shirt that’s long enough to cover your, er, assets. (If you’re not keen on going completely bottomless, you can always add a pair of micro shorts to this ensemble.) Anthony’s choice of thigh-high boots keeps excessive skin-baring at bay, and a similar look can be achieved with over-the-knee socks.  
What to Wear: With a Plaid Shirt (Source: Tommy Ton via IMG Models) While actually wearing a plaid shirt is an obvious move, the checkered thread can also be your best accessory. Joan Smalls hit the streets with a plaid number tied around her waist. So top a pair of cutoffs and a plain white shirt with a colorful flannel and bam!, you’re an off-duty model.