What to Wear: Channeling the Wolf of Wall Street

(Photos: Paramount Pictures, MANGO)

Martin Scorsese's hotly anticipated, Oscar-buzzy film The Wolf of Wall Street, which hits theaters today (Feliz Navidad!), has won breathless praise from critics for its standout performances, most notably turns by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill as money-hungry morality-light '90s stockbrokers. And while we've yet to screen the flick (which promises Caligula-esque scenes of OTT-ness—not the most Christmasy thing come to think of it), we're already awarding it a four-star fashion review for the trailer, which is filled to the brim with pleated chinos, statement collared shirts, and old-school power suits.

Don't get us wrong, we're not about to try to bring back such '90s staples as the Blossom Russo hat, but the pinstripe suits did get us excited about incorporating an updated take into our own wardrobe. After all, thanks to labels such as Theory, Saint Laurent and the Row, the power suit has never been hotter. We're partial to the very reasonably priced option by MANGO, which features wide-set stripes, skinny-fit tailoring, and slightly cropped trousers. Top it off with an outsized blingy watch and you're ready to take advantage of unsuspecting clients broker some totally above-board and respectable deals in 2014.

(Photos: MANGO)
Pin-Stripe Wool-Blend Wool Blazer and Trousers, $129.99 and $69.99, both at MANGO

(Photos: ASOS)
Rose Gold Sleek Boyfriend Watch, $39.93 at ASOS
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