What to Wear: Cold Season

What to Wear: Cold Season
(Photos: Zara, Revolve Clothing)

It's that time of year again! No, not chestnuts roasting time. Not caroling door-to-door time. Not being asked to add a dollar for charity on every purchase you make (and doing it because of course you want to help and now you feel even guiltier about buying these shoes) time. OK, it may be those times too—but it's also cold season time.

We're wishing you nothing but health and sniffle-free cheer in the coming months, but assuming you do catch one of those bugs going around, we want to make sure we have you covered on the what-to-wear front.

We know what you're thinking: When I'm sick I couldn't care less about what I'm wearing. I'm all about where my next vat of chicken soup is coming from, watching every episode of every Real Housewives season ever, and keeping my tissue box stocked. We hear you.

But if we might offer a few words of wisdom: nothing takes the sting out of germs more than an Emergen-C super-cocktail, a good dose of daytime liquid Tylenol Cough & Cold, and the right gear, as featured below: namely, a cozy loose turtleneck (for coughing into), super deluxe sweats (for braving the world and feeling reasonably good about yourself without really getting dressed), fleecy boots (for keeping your feet warm), and a cheery clutch (for making you smile every time you reach for your tissues/ hand sanitizer/ cough drops).  

What to Wear: Cold SeasonWide Turtle Neck Jersey, $79.90 at Zara

What to Wear: Cold SeasonTresan Cashmere Sweatpant, $298 at Club Monaco

What to Wear: Cold SeasonFrom Left: Sperry Top-Sider for J.Crew Flannel Shearwater Boots, $150 at J.Crew;  Cleobella Leo Clutch in Vintage Orange, $110 at Revolve Clothing