Halloween Poll of the Day: Which Supermodel Makes the Better Cleopatra?

(Photo: Getty Images | Facebook)

Just because Heidi Klum's famous annual Halloween blowout was canceled thanks to Hurricane Sandy doesn't mean the supermodel didn't have an elaborate costume ready to go. This year, Klum planned on celebrating her favorite holiday by going retro (like, ancient retro) as the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.

Klum previewed her costume last week in a video she posted on her website, telling the designers to create something "big, gold, [and] glittery." Judging by the finished product, they did just that, constructing a floor-length gold dress with a sparkly winged shawl and showy headpiece.

Not to be outdone, another former Victoria's Secret Angel was struck by the same Egyptian inspiration for her Halloween ensemble. Of all the costume ideas to choose from, Gisele Bundchen picked Cleopatra as well. The Brazilian bombshell and mom-to-be took to Facebook to post a photo of herself in heavy makeup, beaded, black dreads, and a gold headband with what looked like a cobra hood ornament.

Isn't copying someone else's costume against Halloween code? Looks like these two need a walk off. It's not every Halloween that you see two supermodels in the same costume, so we've got to ask:
Poll: Who has the better Cleopatra Halloween costume?
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  • Heidi Klum
  • Gisele Bundchen

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