Who Wore It Best? — Miley Cyrus vs. Mad Max vs. A Raiders Fan

(Photos: Getty Images | Universal)

If this was yearbook time, Miley Cyrus would definitely be featured in that "Most Changed" section. (Remember when something like this or this was the Miley standard?) With the near-buzz cut and punk rock-meets-S&M outfits she's been rocking the last few months, it's safe to say the girl's going through a phase. But what do you want from her? She's 20-years-old, and nobody would wish a lifetime of Hannah Montana on anyone.

At the very least, you can't knock Miley for holding back. She's owning her new look from head to toe, and she took things to another level at Sunday's VH1 Divas concert. Let's just say if the Mayans were right and the world goes to hell in four days, Miley will already have a post-apocalyptic wardrobe ready to go. But Miley's studded and spiked leather ensemble from the show does look familiar.

If it's not just a strange coincidence, then Miley's either been on a serious Road Warrior kick lately or she's trying out for the Oakland Raiders fanclub. Whatever it is, we have to ask: Who wore it best?
Poll: Who wore it better: Miley Cyrus, Mad Max, or the Raiders Fans?
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  • Miley Cyrus
  • Mel Gibson's Mad Max
  • Raider Nation
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