Who Wore it Better: Sofia Vergara or Ellen DeGeneres? Vote For Your Favorite Here!

(Photo: Getty Images | Warner Bros.)

While Kelly Ripa, Matt Lauer, and the other New York morning show hosts were forced to pack in their Halloween costumes this year on account of Hurricane Sandy, Ellen DeGeneres made sure to represent on the West Coast.

As is her annual tradition, Ellen took the stage in a hilarious (and topical) costume for this morning's Halloween show, dressing up as Modern Family's curvy Columbian bombshell, Sofia Vergara. Ellen copied Vergara's look from the 2012 Emmys, complete with a busted backside reminiscent of Vergara's infamous wardrobe malfunction that evening.

Ellen greeted her guests in character, saying, "I am easy breezy beautiful CoverGirl from Colombia. Happy Halloween. As you can see, I put my pumpkins out." As Ellen carried on with boob jokes and an affected accent, she was interrupted by a one very perturbed surprise guest, the REAL Sofia Vergara, who returned the mocking in good fun.

"Your ass looks huge," Vergara joked, adding, "You look ridiculous." Get in the Halloween spirit and watch the delightful exchange, below.

And tell us, who do you think wore the look better?

Poll: Who wore Sofia Vergara's sparkly dress better?
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  • Sofia Vergara - There's no one like the original!
  • Ellen DeGeneres - A good sense of humor takes the cake!
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