Why It Works: Daphne Guiness' Sheer Lace Catsuit

Why It Works: Daphne Guiness' Sheer Lace Catsuit (PacificCoastNews)

Why It Works: Daphne Guiness' Sheer Lace Catsuit Daphne Guinness (PCN)
Whether she’s indulging voyeurs by dressing for the Met Ball in the window of Barney’s New York, or masterminding luxe, battle-friendly accessories like the gold and diamond arm glove she commissioned from jeweler Shaun Leane, eccentric heiress Daphne Guinness rarely disappoints. Her latest look, worn out to dinner at London restaurant Scott’s, sees her indulge in her gothic side.

The Hair: Guinness has been rocking a Cruella color scheme for a while now, but her skunk-hued mane really comes into its own here, playing off the black and glimpse of white of her ensemble.

The Catsuit: There is something simultaneously threatening, uncomfortable and vulnerable about Guinness’ lacy, multi-opacity jumpsuit. Despite the fact it shows very little skin, we find ourselves having the same reaction to it that we have when Madonna sports those high cut bodysuits—we’re compelled to look away, yet somehow we cannot. True, this may not be her most flattering of looks, but there is a brilliance to Guinness’s willingness to embrace the unapproachable (in this case, True Blood Couture), engaging with fashion like a mad scientist in a very public laboratory.

The Jewels: Guinness’ genius lies in her innate sense that this outfit demands not one, but two Victorian looking costume brooches to pair with her glittering drop earrings and beguiling almond shaped ring. The result is very “lady of the manor fleeting a house fire wearing her most precious family artifacts.” Drama done right.

The Scarf: Long, sweeping, sparkly, and sort of skinny cape–like. In other words, a low-key selection in Guinness’ world.