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Model Gia Natalia Narvaez
"Somedays I wish I could go back in time and talk to my younger self. I wish I could go back and talk to 13 year old me, a bright soul who was hurting so much inside even though she tried putting on a smile for everyone around her. I wish I could tell her that she was so valid in everything that she was feeling, that she didn’t have to continue hurting herself because she didn’t feel like she was in the right body. It’s hard to hold back tears looking at this photo because as a young teenager and adult, I never felt like I would transition in this lifetime. If only she could have known that one day she would be living as her truest self, so authentically, thriving as a fat, brown transgender woman, and that everything around her would be alright. But I know that everything I have experienced has molded me and allowed me to be the young woman that I am today. So I am grateful that my path has led me to where I am, I am grateful for the adversity and the challenges and the difficult times because they have allowed me to arrive here. You’re finally Home Gia."