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Model Denise Bidot
"My stretch marks and cellulite are things I’ve used as an incentive to show people we’re all beautiful, and I’ve put them on the front line more than people even thought I should have at one point. And still, I sometimes go to get in a bikini and the thoughts come back like, 'Oh, God, your belly. Can I get something that’s a little higher?' And I have to say to myself, 'No, girl, you’re good. Put on that little bikini. Don’t be scared about it.' It’s a learning curve, being aware of yourself and your body and your thoughts and emotions.  I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just so sick of hating my body and focusing in on every little thing. It’s exhausting, and it feels like a waste of time.

"You’re wasting your life, wasting your opportunity to be happy, limiting yourself from your full potential we all have the ability to get to by self-loathing. I watched my mom go through it, so I refuse to do it."

Huffington Post