You Complete Me: Faith Picozzi's Fierce Outerwear

The model and actress brings this statement jacket everywhere.

You Complete Me: Faith Picozzi's Fierce Outerwear
(Source: Faith Picozzi, Zara)

Ever love a product so much it makes you feel whole? You’re not alone, which is why we’re having our favorite tastemakers spill the items they can’t live without.

Who: Faith Picozzi, @faithpicozzi
Where: Los Angeles, CA
By Day: Well for me everyday is different! Being a model and actress, you never know what’s going to happen next. Castings, photoshoots, jobs, cooking and dance class pretty much sums up my day.
By Night: At night, I love to have people over and entertain. One of my favorite things to do is have art nights! Everyone brings over their own canvases and we paint and listen to music while enjoying wine and food.
Style: I’m a mix of glam and boho.

You Complete Me: Zara Animal Print Coat, $169

I’m in love with my leopard-print Zara coat! I bring it everywhere. It’s a great coat to have with me on shoots, wear on airplanes and travel in. Basically it’s like wearing a blanket—cozy, warm and stylish."

You Complete Me: Faith Picozzi's Fierce Outerwear
(Source: Zara)

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