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Harry Potter was first introduced to us twenty years ago, and has been a prominent part of our lives ever since. These books, and then films, gave us a magic that was far beyond any spell a witch or wizard could conjure up — it was something real felt in our hearts, that captured those both young and old. 

While we've had to accept the fact that we won't be receiving any letters from Hogwarts (though a muggle can dream), that doesn't mean we can't participate in all the fun. A Harry Potter-themed party is the perfect way to channel the magic of the wizarding world and bring it to us here in the muggle world. 

From fun Polyjuice Potion cocktails to spooky dementors flying above your guests, there are so many simple ways to bring a taste of Harry Potter into your home. Here are 30 ways to throw a Harry Potter-themed party that every muggle will love.