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26 'This Is Us' Moments That Made Us Feel All The Feels

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11. That awkward moment when Randall hallucinates about Jack
While accidentally under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms at their mom's old cabin, Randall hallucinates an hour-long conversation with 1980s-era Jack. Still shaken up after his confrontation with Rebecca and William at Thanksgiving Dinner, Randall turns some of his ire on his dead dad.

"We gave you everything we could," imaginary Jack tells Randall.

"And all I was supposed to feel was grateful," Randall responds. "I was a replacement for your dead baby. That’s all I’ve ever been."

Jack is sure to disavow this dramatic statement, though. He pulls Randall close and tells him, "The moment I saw you, I knew you were my boy. You weren’t a choice, Randall. You are a fact."

And it's the truth.