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25. motherofwagons0505:
"I went on [a date] accompanied by a close guy friend who works as a bouncer. He sat a few tables away for support and in case shit got crazy. I drank my coffee and waited. I told [my date] I would be wearing a red cardigan and he said he would be wearing a blue button down. Before I knew it, an older gentleman (late fifties, early sixties) sat down at my table asking me if I was the girl from the Craigslist ad. I confirmed I was and he introduced himself as the man I was supposed to meet.

I immediately called him out on lying about his age, to which he replied, "well in my head and in my heart, I'm 29 so what's the difference?" Yeah... he then continued on to admit he was not a lawyer and that he was a retired sanitation worker. I asked him, 'why so many lies?' His response: 'I always wanted to be a lawyer and you said you wanted a professional so I figured it was a good match.' He started getting upset that I was asking him so many questions and that I was implying that he was liar.

At that point I asked him point blank, 'what were you expecting from this? What did you think would happen when I met you and realized you lied about everything you told me?' He responded, "we had so much in common, I just thought you were already in love with me and you wouldn't care.' I was speechless. I didn't even want to know how he had the idea I was in love with him."