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28. DagoUR:
"Tinder matched with a guy who was half an hour late for the date. The first thing he said to me was 'You're too tall, you're taller than me.' I'm 5'5", was wearing flats... nowhere on his profile was his height listed, never mentioned anything about it. He said he'd buy me a drink for being late, so I figured I'd get a beer out of it.

We chatted for a bit about our jobs and school and whatever. I check the time, and realized I had to catch my bus back home - I lived in the suburbs with my parents at this point. He says 'OK, I'm coming with you.'

'Uh, no.'

'Well, I guess you can come back to my place. My roommate is there though.'

'I'm not coming home with you, I made that clear long before we even met up.'

'I bought you a drink! You owe me!'

'What the hell? I owe you nothing.'

He puts on this super angry face and starts negging me [saying], 'You're not even that hot.'

'I am not going to sleep with you. I'm going home.'

He just stalks off in the opposite direction. I get a message on Tinder later: 'This isn't going to work out.'

Uh. No shit."