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12. Em:
"I went on a second date with a guy — we grabbed drinks at a bar downtown and it was a quick date and I felt like I wanted to get to know him a bit better so when he suggested we go back to his apartment for wine I agreed, but stated that I needed to go home in an hour as I had work in the morning. We get to his apartment, he pours the wine and then tries to give me a massage. I hate being touched so this did not go well. I tried to get over the awkwardness by pointing out his guitars. He immediately picked one up and started playing but he didn't know any full songs. Then he told me he made up one song... for his family member who had committed suicide and played me that. At this point, it was an hour as promised, so I was mid-standing up to leave when he goes 'So what do you think about us?' I then got caught in another 30 min convo about what I wanted, if I was a sexual being, if I just wanted a boyfriend... all of this just so he could basically tell me he wanted to be friends with benefits. And it ended with him saying, 'Well call me if you want to,' as I left."