What Breaks The Fast
We know that consuming food breaks the fast, but what about certain beverages? Typically, herbal unsweetened teas and black coffee are considered fast-friendly. And water too, of course. 

There there is another school of intermittent fasting that allows for a little more leniency. Mark explains, "Strict intermittent fasters forgo everything but water between dinner the night before until their next meal. However, if that pattern is too intimidating or difficult, especially for beginners, drinking a Grass Fed Coffee can help bridge the gap. Having a butter coffee that helps create sustainable, feeding windows is a plus in my book. Personally, I lost 45 lbs in only 7 months drinking a GFC for breakfast, then going keto for lunch and dinner, everyday. It wasn't like I was constantly in the gym as well either. It was all about building habits, and sticking to them with consistency."