But Isn't It Essentially Starvation?
Contrary to popular belief, IF is not starvation. In fact, fasting is something we all already practice every single day. Look at the word "breakfast" — it literally means to break a fast. That time between dinner and breakfast is a fasting period — it's something our bodies are already designed to do.

And there are ways to curb your hunger. We chatted with Mark Yu, Principal for Grass Fed Coffee, a butter coffee drink, who used his product as a perfect example of how you can ease the process, "Grass Fed Coffee is great for newbies because it helps curb the ravenous hunger that most people feel when first beginning intermittent fasting. So much of intermittent fasting is un-training yourself of that behavior. GFC is full of high quality fats that help sustain the body from breakfast time till lunch, while also providing energy and focus. It replaced what used to be very unhealthy breakfasts, so it definitely helped me transition into intermittent fasting, and build better more sustainable eating habits."