Courtesy of Carina Wolff
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Regardless of your food choices and beliefs, protein is an essential part of your diet.  And if you are someone who is vegetarian, vegan, or just tries to be more plant-based, you know that the pursuit of non-meat protein is a very real thing. Finding protein doesn't have to be difficult though, and it certainly doesn't have to be bland. Nature offers a huge variety of plant-based proteins, it's just a matter of identifying them and knowing how to put them together for some seriously tasty meals. 

We spoke with Carina Wolff, a health and nutrition writer and creator of blog Kale Me Maybe, about her favorite plant-based protein recipes. All of these mouth-watering dishes can be found in her cookbook Plant-Protein Recipes That You'll Love, which features over 150 protein-rich recipes fueled by the power of plants. 

Even if you're not vegan (Carina isn't!), these recipes are great to have stored in your culinary arsenal. Check out Carina's favorite plant-based protein recipes that are both delicious and easy to make.