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Who doesn't love the beach? (OK, maybe some people don't, but I would say the vast majority of us certainly do.) Whether you love the strength of the ocean and its crashing waves, the feeling of warm sand beneath your toes, or even the comfort of cool ocean fog, beaches have always held a huge place in our hearts. And there is not a shortage of them, either. Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to visit each and every one? We think so. 

This planet of ours offers some pretty spectacular and diverse sandy slivers of coastline that are all bucket list-worthy in their own right, but for the sake of not having this list be hundreds of pages long, we narrowed it down. These beaches take you everywhere from Oregon to Brazil, Bora Bora to Greece, and each is as amazing as the last. Let me tell you, making this list gave me a serious case of wanderlust — so proceed at your own risk.

Attention all beach lovers — here are 30 beaches that absolutely must be on your travel bucket list.