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23. Women Were Shamed For Buying Makeup During The Great Depression
While makeup was becoming less of a scandal and more of a norm during the 1930s, people still had a lot of opinions about this new found hobby. Especially when the Great Depression hit. 

One man wrote to his local paper, enraged after he heard that millions of dollars were spent on cosmetics the year prior. "Couldn't you take a slam at the women for the amount of time and money they waste on primping and powdering themselves?" he asked the advice columnist.

"I do not mind so much the waste of time (as they would be wasting it in some other way if they were not in front of the mirror,) but I do object to the mount of money they waste." He followed up with the idea, "Think of how much better it would be if this money was turned over to the poor for food and other necessities."

A noble plan, only if he takes his beer and baseball ticket money and does the same.