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22. Immigrant Women Were Shamed For Their Makeup
During the turn of the 20th century, the US was going through an immigration crisis. "New Immigrants" were flooding into the country, which were the Southern and Eastern Europeans, thought to be poor, uneducated, and rough around the edges. Because of this newfound disdain for the new arrivals, newspapers started to blame bob haircuts and powder compacts on the foreign women coming over. They were seen as the perfect scapegoats, even though in reality American women loved to play with makeup and weren't apologetic over it. 

One column stated in 1924 how it took America two centuries to create a code of conduct for proper young women, but the influx of immigrants completely erased it. "The influx of immigrants during the 25 years last past was so great that this code has been supplanted by a code acceptable to women who bob the hair, bare the chest, powder in public, rest hands, arms, elbows on the table while dining, and who are, usually of European peasant birth, lacking in culture and refinement."