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Game of Thrones certainly has its share of controversial moments, especially when it comes to its female roles. Ever since certain prominent GoT actresses began to refuse to continue de-robing on a regular basis for their roles on the show, it's brought that controversy to a head –– and I can't help but find myself asking: Is the show ultimately pro-feminist or anti-feminist?

Actress Emilia Clarke argues that the former is true, and despite refusing to continue doing nude scenes in the past, now boldly states that her most recent appearance naked onscreen was extremely empowering.

That being said, it's a question that has come up often among GoT's fans, especially considering the amount of female nudity and the easily manipulable and utterly miserable female characters on the show –– powerful Mother of Dragons scenes aside.

So are the Game of Thrones girls all so easily controlled by their men? Or are they slowly turning the tables by working within this, yes, chauvinistic, medieval, but nonetheless magical world in order to finally get theirs?

We realize that many of the female characters start out in extremely negative, even dire situations, and at the mercy of the men in their lives who ruthlessly control them. But don’t they also, more often than not, rise to the occasion?

It’s the character development that makes all the difference: As each important female character starts to establish her own sense of agency within the patriarchal system, they must work within the order to find themselves (or get power or revenge, depending on who it is). We see them begin to transform from mere pawns into undeniable and righteous queens in a series of seriously amazing #GirlPower moments.

Here are a few of our favorites.