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13. Especially her superhuman ability to destroy anyone who stands in her way.
...and finally, to being captured by the Dothraki, only to burn them alive and emerge naked from the flames of the Dosh Khaleen in the most badass scene of Season 6 yet.

With such an impressive repertoire of incendiary moments (to say the least) under her belt, it's safe to say any fan of the show's got a whole lotta love for Khaleesi. I mean, can you say girl crush?!

But speaking specifically in terms of her character, watching Dany take on a powerful sense of agency is undoubtedly a beautiful thing to behold. As her character development unfolds in finding herself as a woman, lover, and above all else, an unstoppable Targaryen queen, we all know who I'm rooting for to win the Game of Thrones.