7. Arya Stark's fearless quest for vengeance.
Okay, now let’s talk about Arya Stark. There’s no denying that Arya has had to face much more than other girls her age, starting from way back when in the first season when she was present at her father’s beheading. (RIP, Ned. #NeverForget)

And it's definitely no small feat that she's even survived this long –– outliving most of the rest of her family (including, sadly, her father, mother, and her brother Robb) long enough to turn down Brienne of Tarth's help.

In fact, Arya Stark is nothing short of my own personal hero. Since she's finally found her way to the mysterious home of "Valar morghulis" –– as well as absorbed Jaqen H'ghar's teachings –– we as viewers have seen her begin to come into her own. (Oh, and we were pretty stoked when he finally gave her her sight back, too.)

It would be impossible for the three-dimensional characterization here –– as well as the fantastic acting that undoubtedly makes that possible –– not to make us really feel for her as she seeks vengeance for all that she's lost.