6 Things We Can Learn From Water Signs

Dreamy, charismatic and introspective? Water signs like Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio have got you covered.

X Things Only a Water Sign Would Understand

Water is one of the strongest elements on Earth. So if a water signs like Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio can’t break through an object that is in their path, they will simply figure out a way to go around it.

Because the influence of water as an element is felt most strongly in the realm of emotions, water signs manifest as dreamy, sensitive, powerful, passionate, and ultimately unforgettable individuals. That being said, here are 6 significant things we can all stand to learn from – and about – these three zodiac signs.

They wear their hearts on their sleeves.

6 Things We Can Learn From Water Signs

Known as the dreamers of the zodiac, water signs such as Pisces will offer you an open heart, fearless of love and passion. Pisces is ultra-charismatic and thrives off of glamor, in keeping with an old school world order of chivalry and romance. Yet they're also people-pleasers, and their creativity, imagination, and artistic skills are almost always off the charts.

All that being said, falling for a Pisces just might be the rollercoaster ride of your lifetime.

They're often underestimated.

Pulling for the underdog, anyone? Pisces may wear their heart on their sleeve with their loved ones and people they care about, but they also prefer to keep up a quiet and laid-back facade sometimes, which means they don't always show the world what they have to offer. You really do have to dig to tap into the mysterious inner world of a water sign.

And let's just say you never know with a Scorpio: Underneath that cool exterior lies an entire universe of intense emotionality and magnanimous, fiery passion. Oh, and secrets. Secrets too.

They over-think. Then they over-think about the fact that they're over-thinking.

6 Things We Can Learn From Water Signs

Over-thinking is pretty much any Cancer's weakness. Because they never forget a thing. Oh, and they're extra sweet, but can also be extra dramatic. Don't get stuck in your own head, Cancer; it's nice out here, we promise.

They may be sensitive, but they're stronger than they look.

Deep down Cancers are super sensitive, but that doesn't mean they like to appear vulnerable to others. Their loving hearts and strong intuition combine to create a gentle yet determined temperament.

Just don't underestimate yourself, Cancer: Sometimes you're stronger than you even realize until it really comes down to it.

They always try to stay positive.

6 Things We Can Learn From Water Signs

Pisces is guilty of changing their goals with their moods; take it or leave it. Just realize they can't help it – it comes from a sometimes annoyingly positive, can-do attitude and the constant striving for new horizons. Damn it, doesn't anything ever bring a water sign down?!

Short version? NOPE.

They have high standards.

If you know one well, it's obvious that Scorpio has very high standards. But they're also self-driven and extremely self-actualized, so there's no need for validation from others to achieve their goals. As a whole they are mysterious, magnetic and intimidating characters. Try to play nice with us mere mortals, Scorpio!

But that doesn't mean that they don't sometimes need their own personal space. As in, don't ever intrude in a Scorpio's bubble.

In other words, Scorpios are v. rare – and if you've got one on your side, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Because at the end of the day, any other sign of the zodiac has gotta admit that water signs are pretty much unf*ckwittable. Especially Scorpio, I wouldn't mess with one if you paid me.