Welcome to Pisces Season: 7 Not-So-Subtle Signs Your Zodiac Sign is Pisces

And if you're not a Pisces, trust us – these are on a need-to-know basis when it comes to finding out what lies beneath the surface of the passionate Pisces woman.

Welcome to Pisces Season: 5 Not-So-Subtle Signs Your Zodiac Sign is Pisces

Welcome one, welcome all to the final stretch of the zodiac wheel. Yes, we're talking Pisces season: As of February 19th, it's in full swing. So what does that mean? To put it simply, the zodiac wheel is making one final dramatic turn before the changeover to the next astrological year – namely, the advent of Aries season (and along with it, springtime in full and stubborn Fire sign bloom!) in mid-March.

But from now until March 23rd, we have SO MANY FEELINGS to look forward to. And don't get me wrong, I'm ready to feel all those feels.

So in case you were at all curious, here are 7 not-so-subtle hints that you're dealing with a Pisces – or even more appropriately, you are one. Meanwhile, here's to hoping you and I can both navigate the turbulent waters of the next tier on the proverbial zodiac chart with ease. Here's to smooth sailing, so-to-speak, in a season of endings.

You're ultra sensitive and compassionate.

Welcome to Pisces Season: 7 Not-So-Subtle Signs Your Zodiac Sign is Pisces

This mostly just means that you feel all the feels. At all times.

Your nurturing, sometimes overly motherly tendencies can be a tad bit overwhelming for those zodiac signs of the less emotionally-inclined personality types – and that goes for both yourself and your partner. Try to err on the side of stifling and remember that worrying never changed anything.

Oh, and we did we mention you're a crier? Let loose those perpetual floodgates, dear Pisces, because now is your time.

And I mean, you could never say you're not a crier, and if you're a good little Pisces you probably won't even bother to deny it at this point because le duh. Also, it's taken some time for you to realize you should never deny your own truth, and you're not about to start up again now.

But admittedly, the thought of anyone making fun of you because you tend to get a little teary-eyed sometimes (more like all the time), still gets to you. Okay, so it's enough to get the waterworks going on their own. Oh, here, take a tissue. (I promise I'm not making fun of you. I'm just an Aries. No judgment here, I swear.)

You're almost too intuitive sometimes.

You trust your gut more than anything, and rightly so!

Many Pisces I know have an almost unearthly intuitive sense. Their gut instinct is always eerily on point, especially when meeting someone new. Because of that, ignoring it will only get you into a world of trouble – especially when it comes to l'amour. (Watch out for those Leo boys. That's all I'm going to say about that.)

You're extremely mature.

And trusts me, this trait attracts others to you like flies to honey. Chances are, if you're a Pisces, you're also extremely empathetic, often more so than anyone else around you.

You're never one to easily judge or talk behind others' backs. That makes you a truly valuable friend, and 10/10 does not go unnoticed.

You've got your head in the clouds at all times.

Welcome to Pisces Season: 7 Not-So-Subtle Signs Your Zodiac Sign is Pisces

And it can be exceedingly difficult to come back down to Earth sometimes.

But hey, if someone wants "down to earth," they're more than welcome to go hang out with a Capricorn. *cough* Scorpio *cough*

You need to realize there's a difference between being nice and being walked all over.

Speaking of nice, you're a major proponent of the whole "kill 'em with kindness" thing. Just know that it's okay to stand up for yourself sometimes (in other words, when it matters). No one's going to think you're mean... Promise.

Mostly because you're not mean. At all. Even in the slightest. In fact, whether you're a friend or lover you're one of the most caring people, like, ever – as anyone who matters to you can attest to – and they love you all the more for it.

You're a fan of going with the flow.

Welcome to Pisces Season: 7 Not-So-Subtle Signs Your Zodiac Sign is Pisces

Did we mention you're a water sign? In fact, you're probably the MOST watery of water signs. You're positively oceanic – a tumultuous sea of passion and emotion.

At any moment you're likely to tip over and spill your guts all over the place. But that's okay, because you've made your peace with that acute sensitivity. And when you're not feeling ultra emotional about something or another, you're actually a huge fan of just going with the flow. That laid-back spontaneity certainly takes the edge off.

You're pretty much a real life mermaid.

Embrace your sensitivity and sense of creativity – even though it sometimes feels like too much, owning your vulnerability is the gift that just keeps on giving with the Pisces female. You're a dreamer, and a dreamer you will stay.

You just have that way about you that is oh so conducive to a creative lifestyle. Remember to stay grounded and you will go far, dear Pisces!

Plus, you're a real life mermaid, and anyone who's not on the same page (re: who tries to take advantage of your innate generosity) can just step off.

I know, I know, spoken like a true Aries, but hey... Call me #TeamPisces.