What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

"2016 is a deep-thinking, get-'er-done kinda year."

One thing we know for sure is that 2016 will be a game-changing year. And since some of the upcoming cosmic energy may seem a little daunting – barely a week into the New Year, and we've already plunged into the first Mercury retrograde sesh of a quadruple-threat series we have coming our way in 2016 – it's a good thing we've got some major cosmic insight on our side.

According to celeb astrologers Tali and Ophira Edut, otherwise known as the AstroTwins, we've got plenty of good stuff to look forward to this year – as long as we buckle down and get ready for the ride. The two shared that 2016 will be a "deep-thinking, get-'er-done kinda year," so in other words, if we're willing to work hard and stick it out, we're all set to go forth and conquer.

Check out the AstroTwins' forecast for each horoscope below, and be sure to purchase their 2016 Planetary Planner for more detailed guidance on love, career, health and wellness, family and friends – your entire year revealed by the stars.


Roll up your sleeves and get to work, Aries. You're busy putting all the pieces in place until September, handling the complex details of a project or mission. We know, we know—it sounds a little boring to your action-seeking sign. But life can't always be about the ups and the highs. You'll get back to setting trends and breaking the Internet eventually…but first, focus. You might even go back to school or publish your work, so take the time to do things right. With expansive Jupiter in your wellness zone until fall, healthy living could become your favorite activity.

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Relationships reach a major turning point at the Libra lunar eclipse on March 23. Is it time to make things official—or call it off? Whatever happens, your love life takes flight when lucky Jupiter moves into Libra for 13 months on September 9, igniting your partnership house. A long-distance relationship, traveling as a couple or an attraction to someone from a wildly different background could be in the stars. It's all about evolving beyond the familiar now, so stay open to new experiences and people, both in romance and business.


Lights, camera, action—there's drama aplenty swirling through the stars in 2016. Lucky Jupiter is in your passion and creativity sector, bringing out your lusty and theatrical side. You've already got an appetite for pleasure, Bull, and now it's practically insatiable. Enjoy the bounty of admirers or spark up new adventures with your mate—a trip for two to Belize or Bali? But don't fool yourself into thinking you won't get attached. Serious Saturn is in your intimacy and long-term finance house all year, a sharp contrast to Jupiter's energy. You could fall hard for someone who doesn't have as much skin in the game as you do. Pace yourself and don't get carried away.

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Watch your money, too—you have the potential to make it multiply, perhaps with a joint venture or an investment, but you need to be cautious and conservative about it. Take your time and the rewards will roll in over the next couple years. In the fall, health becomes your focus. Your hedonism gives way to a wellness kick and a desire for simplicity. You'll make the minimalist life look oh-so stylish…and less will really feel like more.


Home is where your heart is until September, Gemini, as expansive Jupiter moves through your domestic fourth house. You could move to a new address, start a family or get closer to your clan. Your mother or an influential female could figure into your personal growth this year. Jupiter brings you closer in touch with your emotions, and opens you up to expressing them. (Cue the weeping Kim Kardashian "Kimoji"—it could become your new spirit emoji.)

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Relationships get serious thanks to structured Saturn in your partnership house until late 2017. Are you in or are you out? You may part ways, date long-distance or meet someone a bit older, perhaps through work. Romance tops the agenda starting in September, when lucky Jupiter moves into your love house for 13 months. Your career flows along, punctuated by two change-making eclipses in your success sector, on March 8 and September 16. You could make some power moves or begin a whole new professional path at these dates.


You're a multitasking machine in 2016, with a million projects, hobbies and ideas in rotation. You're also coming out of that famous crab shell in a big way, thanks to outspoken Jupiter in your communication corner until September 9. Whoa—did you just say THAT, Cancer? Writing and teaching could be on the agenda: Is it time to launch that blog or podcast? You could get more involved in your community or become a viral voice on social media. New friendships and social scenes crop up, too. Hello, Mayor Crab!

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

But wait…Stern Saturn in your health house demands that you pace yourself and get plenty of exercise, too. Adopt regular practices for clean eating, workouts and rest so you can keep up with your own life! In the fall, Jupiter decamps to your domestic fourth house for 13 months, making home and family your focus. Just don't crawl too far back into your protective pod. Jupiter could bring a move, pregnancy or a change in a relationship with a woman in your life.


Hey, high roller! 2016 could be your most productive and profitable year in a long time, thanks to opportunity-seeking Jupiter in your work and finance house through September 9. Spin that wheel of fortune, because one of your big ideas could pay off handsomely. You could be offered a new job, one that might require travel or even relocation. Just watch your budget, because you could be tempted to spend your windfall as fast as you make it.

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Eclipses in March and September could bring big financial moments, perhaps related to real estate or a savvy investment. Your love life is not as much of a headliner as your career in 2016. With restrictive Saturn in your passionate fifth house, this is a year to dial down that Leo drama. Your patience for crazymaking people will be paper-thin (thank goodness), so set clear boundaries with everyone. As the Notorious B.I.G. said, "Give to the needy, not the greedy." Surround yourself with people who help you nurture your creativity and goals. Let the players play elsewhere; serious prospects only!


You OWN 2016, Virgo. For the first time since 2004, lucky Jupiter is visiting your sign, kicking off a whole new 12-year life cycle. With a September 1 solar eclipse in Virgo, the stars are planning a cosmic coming-out party in your honor. Grand debuts and fresh starts will be sprinkled throughout the year. Relationships are in the spotlight on March 8 and September 16, when two change-making eclipses fall in your partnership house. Is it time to seal the deal with a romantic or professional plus-one?

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Meanwhile, boundary-enforcing Saturn is in your home and family sector all year. If you play the typical Virgo "giver" in your clan, it's time to set limits. Are you enabling people instead of empowering them? Your life is too exciting this year to meddle in other people's issues—which will cause you to miss once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Put the focus on Numero Uno. In the fall, lucky Jupiter moves into your work and money house. One of your brilliant ideas could turn into a money magnet. Cha-ching!


Don't fight the flow, Libra. You're at the end of a 12-year life cycle until September 9, as expansive Jupiter meanders through your twelfth house of rest, endings and healing. You may be more tired than usual, so think of this year as a retreat or sabbatical of sorts. Your imagination and subconscious are super-charged, and your dreams could be rich with symbolism. Dive into a spiritual or artistic project. Journal, dance, make an album, do all the "right-brain" creative activities you can. One of your innovations could even bring fame at the March 23 Libra lunar eclipse, when the spotlight shines boldly on you. A solo project could go viral.

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Meantime, you may be dealing with an ending or transition, perhaps doing some heavy-duty forgiveness work. It all comes out in the wash on September 9, when lucky Jupiter moves into Libra for 13 months—its first visit since 2005! You'll kick off a new 12-year chapter, and your energy comes back with a vengeance. Hello, unstoppable force of nature!


Scorpios tend to be super-selective about the company they keep, but in 2016, you could be anointed the unlikely "mayor" of your squad. New friendships and collaborations come from all directions now. Expansive Jupiter is in your group activity house, making you unusually outgoing and eager for community. Go-getter Mars also makes two trips through Scorpio this year, heating up your charisma and sex appeal. Just take it easy while Mars is retrograde in your sign from May 27-June 29. Connect with your tribe and get inspired by a world-changing vision or humanitarian cause. (Launching a mobile voter registration party bus, with you as the driver, perhaps?)

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Strict Saturn in your money house asks you to regulate your budget and take a slow-and-steady path to career this year. Roll things out in phases instead of taking the overnight-mogul approach (it ain't gonna happen). Downsize and donate if you feel overwhelmed by "stuff." In September, Jupiter decamps to your twelfth house of endings, setting off a 13-month cycle of transitions and closure. Your energy comes down a few notches as you prepare for a brand-new 12-year life cycle that starts October 2017, when lucky Jupiter enters your sign for the first time since 2006.


Blazing trails…the traditional way? You've never been one to take the tried-and-true route, Sag, but in 2016, the path MOST traveled could be your best bet. Your ruler, lucky Jupiter, is in your tenth house of career and big business, staying until September 9. Opportunities to work with a major brand or company could arise. A well-established mentor could open doors.

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Meantime, structured Saturn is in Sagittarius until December 2017, which could push you to rebuild your whole life (or a big part of it) from the ground up. You're setting a foundation for the next 28-30 years of your life, so this is no small task. It won't be easy, but your hard work and prioritizing will pay off handsomely. Motivator Mars visits your sign twice this year, too, powering up your ambitions. Just tread lightly while Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius from April 17-May 27. Focus on long-term gains instead of instant gratification. In the fall, Jupiter moves into your teamwork and technology house, bringing exciting collaborations, both online and IRL.


Spread your wings, Capricorn! This year is all about taking bold risks, stepping out of your cautious comfort zone. Tear up that ten-year plan, because spontaneity and adventure await. It's fine to take a U-turn if you're not feeling the goals you set in the last few years. Travel, study and entrepreneurship could be on the 2016 agenda, as you're craving fresh experiences that broaden your horizons. While your sign always remains loyal to a tried-and-true crew, some unlikely bonds could form with inspirational people who open your eyes to new ways of seeing the world. You might even get involved in spiritual or healing work. Just beware the false gurus and snake-oil slicksters.

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Your ruler Saturn is plodding through your twelfth house of endings and hidden agendas, and you might learn hard lessons by being too gullible. Tune into your gut and don't brush weird vibes aside. Success is on the agenda, too: The March 23 Libra lunar eclipse could deliver a career coup. But things really take off on September 9, when lucky Jupiter moves into your tenth house of success for 13 months. Hello, world domination!


You're a friend to the world, but in 2016, you'll want to draw your borders in a little tighter. Not everyone deserves inner-circle status, Aquarius, and this is a tough lesson you're learning. Weed out the energy vampires and crazymakers…or at least, keep them at a little more arm's length. With maturity planet Saturn in your friendship and community house, it's time to surround yourself with supportive people and some heavy- hitting influencers. Those connections could be pretty lucrative, too!

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Expansive Jupiter is in your eighth house of intimacy, sex and wealth. This year could bring a boon to your bank account AND your boudoir. Joint ventures could lead to a profitable win-win, or you might look at investing, real estate or passive income opportunities. It's all about merging with lucky Jupiter in your house of bonding, so keep your energy clear and you'll attract some pretty dynamic people into your orbit. An engagement, a pregnancy or a spiritual awakening could be on the horizon.


One express elevator to the penthouse, please! Pisces, your sign loves to be "down with the people," but in 2016, you're destined for both leadership and partnership. Two game-changing eclipses in Pisces (March 8 and September 16) will rock your world in the best possible way, helping you own your power. A solo project could top the charts. Don't feel one ounce of guilt for claiming your VIP spot. After all, you'll be in a much better position to help and heal others once you've gotten yourself established.

What To Look Forward To In 2016, According To Your Sign

Tough Saturn in your career and authority house might throw you a couple professional challenges, but any obstacles are designed to make you stronger. Instead of passive-aggressively griping about management, it may be time to step into #GirlBoss or CEO status. Lucky Jupiter spends the year in your partnership houses, which could make a business venture or a relationship official. You could also outgrow a longtime relationship and move on to a better match, perhaps even a cross-cultural or long-distance connection.

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