The Astro Babe's Guide To The Ruling Planets Of Each Zodiac Sign

Your guide to understanding the role that the planets play in astrology.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Don't mess with an Aries, or get in their way when they're on a mission. If you're familiar with the fire sign's famously unpredictable temperament, you'll know why this is.

But if you're not all that familiar with what this may mean, it's time to look to the night sky –– more specifically, the planets, those slowly spinning, roguish wanderers of the zodiac –– for guidance.

What else is new, astro babes? 

Maybe you've heard that Cancer is the moon child of the zodiac, due to the crab being ruled by the moon –– much like the Earth's tides in their ever-constant flux. Perhaps you're aware that Aries' fiery nature, as mentioned above, comes from its being governed by Mars; none other than the god of war in ancient Greco-Roman times.

It can be difficult to keep all the ins and outs of astrology straight, of course; and that's where we come in. Because the really fascinating thing about the ruling planets of the zodiac is that they govern the facets of our personalities, our day-to-day moods, and more, according to our Sun signs. So what does this really mean?

Each sign in the zodiac wheel is said to be governed by a "ruling planet," which infuses it with certain personality traits and is the primary influence of its character.

Traditional or "classical rulers" are the planets that were assigned to each sign before Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered. (Pluto's still a planet, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!)

Conversely, the zodiac sign over which the ruling planet governs is known as the planet's "domicile."

Read on to discover what this means for each sign.




Ever-loyal and passionate, Aries is also quick to anger and can hold a grudge like no other.

It makes sense, then, that the mercurial fire sign's ruling planet is Mars, the ancient Roman god of war –– because if there's one constant for which they can be counted on, it's never willingly backing down from a fight.

That being said, Aries, like its ruler, is known for being a problem-solver, and would be quick to come to a friend or lover's rescue should the need arise.

Word of advice, though? Do not get between a Ram and their loved one –– those horns will smash whatever stands in their way to bits.




Venus, also known as the goddess Aphrodite in classical Greco-Roman mythology, rules over the domains of love, beauty, and money.

In Taurus, this shows up as a borderline obsession with creature comforts –– not to mention at times ridiculously expensive taste. In fact, the earth sign can blame Venus for their constant need to splurge, as well. The more expensive the wine, the better, after all.




It makes complete and perfect sense that Gemini, the social butterfly of the zodiac, would be ruled by Mercury, the planetary messenger. If you're at all familiar with the cosmic catastrophe we mean, phenomenon that is Mercury retrograde, then you already know that Mercury controls the domain of communication, electronics, and more on Earth. So when those signals get crossed –– it's next level chaos for the astrologically inclined.

But when Mercury goes direct, communication once again runs smoothly; and you'll never meet a Gemini without a knack for engaging conversation, especially light and breezy small talk and day-to-day communication. The air sign prefers to always keep it moving.




Cancer may get a bad rap sometimes, primarily for being ultra-sensitive and prone to major mood swings, but think of it this way: The Moon can't help her phases, and neither can Cancer.

Okay, so we'll admit the Moon isn't actually a planet, but it nonetheless plays a central role in astrology –– as any lover of la lune can attest to –– as the ruler of our shifting moods and innermost desires.

For Cancer, this means that the water sign often feels things more strongly than almost any other sign in the zodiac wheel (we're looking at you, too, Pisces). Because the Crab is so in tune with their emotions, they have a tendency to need plenty of time to devote to self-care.




Leo lights up every single room they step into, much like the Sun –– it's almost like all the other planets revolve around it, or something. And if you've got a boisterous Leo in your life, then you know this confident fire sign just loves to be the center of attention!

Powerful, fiery, and expressive, it doesn't even matter that the Sun, like the moon, isn't a true "planet" –– because what other celestial body could possibly power the irresistible human dynamo that is Leo?


RULING PLANET: Mercury (classical), Chiron (modern)


While some astrologers still consider Virgo to be domicile to Mercury (and we can't deny it's fitting, due to the earth sign's analytical and detail-oriented nature), its modern ruling "planet" is Chiron, a comet that was discovered in 1977. Chiron is also known as "the Wounded Healer," which goes hand-in-hand with Virgo as a sign linked to purification, health and wellness.

That being said, Mercury, Virgo's classical ruler, is still a primary influence. Rather than express Mercury's communicative nature, however, in a manner similar to Gemini, the earth sign exhibits its tendency to want to over-analyze, break things down, and put them together again in new and innovative ways. 




Like Taurus, Libra's ruling planet is Venus, the emblem of love and attraction. And it's true that the air sign is all about love. But instead of exhibiting these traits through a penchant for creature comforts, like the Bull, charming Libra seeks peace and harmony in their pursuit of love, believing that no two parties should give or take more.

This is all too appropriate, given that Libra's symbol is the Scale –– and keeping the peace when it comes to social harmony is a pursuit they deem more than worthy.


RULING PLANET: Mars (classical), Pluto (modern) 


Though Pluto is now considered by astronomers to be a "dwarf planet," its impact is nonetheless substantial, especially on the enigmatic and mysterious Scorpio. How appropriate that this tumultuous water sign be ruled by a faraway planet like Pluto, which rules over intuition, psychic abilities, and more.

In ancient mythology, Pluto was known as the ruler of the underworld, marking the planet as the symbol of death and transformation. You may never fully understand the magnetic, intuitive, and often cryptic Scorpio –– whose unpredictable moods, like Aries, are explained by its secondary ruler, Mars –– but you've got to appreciate the many complicated layers of their alluring personality.




Worldly Sagittarius and auspicious Jupiter, the planet of good luck and fortune, certainly go hand-in-hand. The gargantuan planet infuses the cheerful fire sign with a larger than life personality and optimistic aura that leaves everyone around them constantly wanting more.

Sag is of the firm belief that "only boring people get bored," and while it's true that the dreamy Archer can be impulsive, they're always reaching for something new and exciting and adventurous –– which also means that they are never, ever boring.




Saturn is the planet of self-control, which is all too appropriate for conservative Capricorn. Though of course not all Caps adhere so severely to this "eyes on the prize" mentality, they are all about structure. No one could ever argue that the hardworking Goat doesn't get their ish DONE.

Then again, Saturn has a tendency to exert its control as a stern and paternal authority figure, which can be tough on other more spontaneous signs (*cough* Sagittarius *cough*). But sometimes we need to follow the rules to handle business, right? (Right. Sit down, fire signs.)


RULING PLANET: Saturn (classical), Uranus (modern)


As the humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius is progressive, electric, and influential. Though their classical ruler is Saturn, Uranus is a far more appropriate ruler for the innovative air sign. Uranus is the domain of positive change, creativity, originality, and more. It imbues the Water Bearer with their zest for life and their independent AF attitude, that's for sure.

Sometimes that independence can translate to a rebellious streak, so don't ever tell an Aquarius to slow their roll, astro babes –– just watch and learn.


RULING PLANET: Jupiter (classical), Neptune (modern)


Neptune is a more fitting ruler for dreamy Pisces than fortuitous Jupiter (although Jupiter's optimism is certainly a match as well), as its distance translates to the faraway look you'll often find in the water sign's starry eyes. At times Pisces can veer a little out of touch with reality, and Neptune's gonna have to take the blame for that as well –– with its habitual fostering of fantasy and that "head in the clouds" mentality.

This is an incredible attribute for the water sign that learns not to let their imagination run completely away with them (just rein it in a notch, dear Pisces), for it undoubtedly fosters the intense passion, artistic sensibility, and loving nature that they are so well known for.