15 Things You'll Know Are True If You're A Libra

Well aren't you charming?

15 Things You Know Are True If You're A Libra

Libra season begins on the first day of fall, which couldn't be more appropriate for this charismatic sign. Do you think it's a coincidence that Libra season aligns perfectly with the start of cuffing season? Yea, I don't think so. Libras are gracious people who strive for balance and harmony in all areas of life. Oh, and they love being in relationships — like, a lot. 

Here are 15 things you'll know are true if you're a lovely Libra:

1. You're charming.
Let's just get this one out of the way — you're charming as hell. Maybe it's your looks (more about that later), or maybe it's just your likable personality and ability to get along with just about anyone. It's probably all of those things combined, and then some.

2. Hello, harmony!
All you want is harmony and for life to be smooth sailing — is that too much to ask? (Yea, probably.)

3. You're a master at playing devil's advocate.
Leave it to a Libra to play devil's advocate with just about everything. You're extremely fair, so throwing the opposing view into the mix just seems like the rational thing to do.

4. You have a tendency to (unintentionally) stir the pot.
With your pursuit of harmony and knack for never taking a side, you can sometimes rouse complications without even trying. It's pretty ironic too, considering conflict is the absolute last thing you want. 

5. You're a social butterfly.
And you love to chat. You'd be hard pressed to find a Libra who doesn't love a good social outing, and even if they say they don't, they somehow manage to flourish at them anyway. 

X Things You Know Are True If You're A Libra

6. You're a flirt.
Just blame it on the social skills — oh, and that charm too. 

7. You're attractive.
Not to stroke your ego or anything, but Libra is known as the most attractive sign of the zodiac. You take pride in your appearance, and always look clean and put together. In addition to just your appearance though, your warm personality and positive energy naturally attracts others to you. Also, Libras are known to have charming smiles. 

8. You love love and being in relationships.
Libra is in the seventh house of partnerships and marriage, which means that being in a relationship essential to making you feel complete. You long to share your life with another person and to love and be loved — to the point that you sometimes rush into relationships a bit too quickly. When you do find the right person, though, you make a loving and loyal partner. 

9. You're extremely indecisive. 
Ok Libra, we get that you're balanced and fair and all, but damn can you be indecisive!

10. But you know how to take initiative.
Even though you're indecisive, you're still a cardinal sign, and that means you know how to get things going. When an idea or inspiration hits, you run with it like a pro. 

11. You have a better sense of intuition than people think.
In fact, you have a better sense of intuition than even you think. Don't underestimate yourself, Libra!

12. You appreciate beauty of all kinds.
Whether it's music or interior design, a fashionable handbag or an eye-catching painting, Libra has a thing for beauty and art — luxury too.

13. You're good at hiding your problems.
It's almost too easy for you to hide personal problems under your outgoing personality. Just don't detach from your emotions too much, it'll only cause you more stress down the line. 

14. You hate being alone.
You're a social being, and being alone isn't fun (or right) for you. Whether it's being single, or just being home alone on a Friday night, you do much better with others by your side. 

15. You want to be loved.
This isn't an ego thing, you genuinely just want to be loved. And as a Libra, you'll certainly love in return. 


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