The Astro Babe's Guide to Surviving Eclipse Season

All's fair in love and eclipse season.

The Astro Babe's Guide to Surviving Eclipse Season

Better buckle up, astro babes! Starting with today's current partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius, the cosmic climate is setting us up for a bumpy ride.

But first, let's talk about "eclipse season": What exactly is it, and what does that mean for you? To put it succinctly, eclipses always occur in pairs (sometimes, but very rarely three). We are currently in our second and final eclipse season of the year, the first of which occurred in February. We'll see the current season culminate with a total solar eclipse on August 21st, a super-rare celestial occurrence where the moon will completely block the sun.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though! Tonight's full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius is, along with being the prelude to the solar eclipse later this month, quite the potent time to reevaluate. Our purpose, our life's work, even the events of the month we just put behind us and the lessons they've taught us –– all fair game in this cosmic reboot.

If this reevaluation makes you feel like you've taken two steps forward and one step back, know that you're not the only one. If you are confused or struggling with the ramifications of this, know that there are lessons to be learned here; you just have to be willing to show up and do the work. You can check your emotional and spiritual baggage at the door, even though it may feel heavy. In fact, the Universe is inviting you to do so.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse  

And, since Mercury goes retrograde on August 12th, be advised that we'll be dealing with those ramifications too! Mercury retro can often feel like a case of spiritual lockjaw –– that is, those of us who are in tune are feeling things extra strongly, but also with an extra-strong proclivity to stick the proverbial foot in collective mouth.

This also means that whatever changes are meant to unfold, whether they happen rapidly or not-so-much, may seem sudden or like they've occurred unexpectedly, but rest assured, they are needed for our growth. Make no mistake, astro babes: Eclipse season is a time of spiritual transformation and growth. Read on to see how you can make the most of it.

First, make sure to show up for yourself.

Even as both a full moon and a lunar eclipse can bring up the past, sometimes unearthing emotions and memories that have been buried for years, it's important to view those experiences as part of your journey. Not only that, but to use whatever tools are at your disposal to keep forging your way forward.

So again, although you may still be dissecting important events of your past, use what knowledge you've gleaned and lessons you've learned to keep taking steps forward –– even if they are baby steps. Sometimes that means saying no to others, especially if it means saying yes to yourself.

Everyone's healing process is different; bear that in mind even when you feel conflicted over how best to move on from situations that no longer serve you. Respect yourself enough to show yourself compassion and respect. Show up for yourself, and continue showing up, in whatever way feels best for you. #SelfLove

Forgiveness is key. Remember that.

The Astro Babe's Guide to Surviving Eclipse Season

Even as this time may dredge up old resentments you may not even realize you've been harboring, during eclipse season, forgiveness should be on your radar –– both for yourself and for others.

Confusion may be inescapable, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing.

You have to keep letting go and letting go and letting go to see any real progress in your life and relationships. Releasing the old to let in the new isn't a one-step process; it's continual. And yes, that process can feel daunting and confusing, but guess what? You're not alone.

In fact, there's no time like eclipse season to check in with others and let them know how you're feeling. Just don't let their opinions sway you, or get in the way of you shining your own inner light. Look inward for guidance, and to others for solidarity.

Remember that the sparkling, swirling energy of the current cosmic climate tells us clarity is coming. And I, for one, strongly believe that clarity will come once you've taken the time to check in with yourself emotionally, get in tune, and then stay in tune with yourself and the ones you love.

Take action.

The Astro Babe's Guide to Surviving Eclipse Season

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't think things through before taking the plunge. In fact, those of us who are astrologically-obsessed know better than to sign on the dotted line during a Mercury retro sesh. (That's just like, Knowledge of the Cosmos 101, here.) I am saying this, though, as both a chronic overthinker and someone who often feels frustratingly powerless in situations where I can't immediately feel like I'm making strides. Hey, I've got an Aries sun and Sagittarius moon, and sometimes it drives me absolutely off the rails. Plus, lack of impulse control, much?

To help offset that paralyzing indecisiveness, I say go for it. Make your move. This is the perfect time to take action, after careful thought, consideration (and a couple backups of important files and electronic devices for good measure), for something you know you want and deserve. And if not, plant some seeds, astro babes, because doing so will certainly alleviate some stress during this time.

Honor the eclipses with a powerful ritual or two.

Perhaps the most powerful way to honor an eclipse season? By tapping into the current cosmic energy with a powerful cosmic ritual. Whether that's journaling and jotting down your goals to help manifest them, creating a sacred space in your home, doubling up on self-care rituals, or all of the above, there's no time like the present to honor yourself and your place within the cosmos, astro babes. Go on with your bad, starry-eyed selves!