Exclusive Interview: Avril Lavigne, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

By Dominique Streeter on
Avril Lavigne Pop star Avril Lavigne may be best known for her catchy songs and punk rock style, but the talented singer's latest foray into the world of fashion may be her most impressive yet. As the sole creative director of Abbey Dawn, Avril takes a hands on approach to creating her line of rocker chic apparel. Rather than take a back seat and stamp her name on a ready made collection, Avril personally designs items that she herself would wear. The proof? She's often spotted in her brand...Read Full Story

Lego Love: Avril Lavigne Digs Wil.I.Am's Funky Style

By Sasha on
(Getty Images and Bauer Griffin) When asked whose closet they'd like to raid, most girls would probably say Carrie Bradshaw. But Avril Lavigne isn't like most girls. With her punk princess style and confident attitude, Carrie Bradshaw is the farthest thing from Avril's ideal style icon.So, whose closet would Avril like to nab some clothes from? Well, it's not who you might think—it's Wil.I.Am from the Black Eyes Peas. Yup, Avril admires the rapper and singer's funky style. She says: I...Read Full Story