Top 100 Baby Names | Girl Names

A list of the most popular baby names for girls.

Top 100 Baby Names | Girl Names

Check out the top 100 girls names compiled by Bounty's national survey of 434,756 women with babies born in 2011.

The Top 100 Girls Names | Baby Girl Names

1 Olivia olive, symbol of peace, beauty, dignity Livia, Ollie, Alvie
2 Lily flower, innocence, purity, beauty Lilia, Lillianne, Lilyan
3 Sophie wisdom Sophia, Ephie, Sookie
4 Amelia industrious, work Amie, Lia, Amelie, Delia
5 Emily rival, laborious, eager Emmie, Aemilie, Emelyn
6 Jessica Hebrew: "he sees" Jess, Jessie, Jessalyn
7 Grace grace, favor, blessing Gracie, Engracia, Gracious
8 Ava Hebrew: "life" or "serpent, Latin: "bird" Eva, Avalee, Aveline, Iva
9 Ruby red, gemstone, jewel Rupa, Emerald, Jewel
10 Mia Greek: "great, mother" Mya, Aya, Myra, Nya
11 Chloe green shoot Khloe, Calie, Chloe-Anne
12 Evie life, animal Eve, Evelyn, Ivy
13 Isabella Hebrew: "God's promise" or "God if my oath" Ysabella, Sabella, Iza
14 Sophia wisdom Sofia, Saffi, Zofia
15 Poppy flower Happy, Polly, Pippa
16 Isla Scottish river Iola, Islay, Iona
17 Ella Old German: "other" or "foreign" Eleanor, Ellie, Elladine
18 Lucy Latin: "light" Lacey, Lucinda, Lucianna
19 Freya Norse: "noble lady" Fraya, Fara, Veera
20 Daisy flower Delia, Delilah, Daizee
21 Maisie pearl Missie, Marjorie,
22 Lilly flower, innocence, purity, beauty Billy, Lolly, Jilly
23 Isabelle Hebrew: "God's promise" or "God if my oath" Isla, Amabelle, Izzy
24 Charlotte Old German: "free man" Lottie, Charley, Sharon
25 Ellie Greek: "sun ray, shining light" Eleanora, Nora, Nell
26 Summer summer Spring, Fall, Samara
27 Megan pearl Meg, Meagan, Maggie
28 Holly holly Hilly, Halli, Hollye
29 Layla night beauty Laia, Laylah, Lila
30 Eva Hebrew: "life" or "animal" Evani, Evaline, Evangeline
31 Erin Ireland Aeran, Arianne, Eryn
32 Millie industrious, striving, brave, strength Miranda, Mitzie, Millicent
33 Lola sorrows Lula, Loela, Delores
34 Phoebe bright, radiant Fiona, Phebe,
35 Lexi Greek: "man's defender" Alexandra, Alex, Lex
36 Lacey delicate Alice, Alison, Lucy
37 Imogen maiden Imogene, Jenna
38 Scarlett red Ruby, Charlotte,
39 Sienna from Siena Vienna, Zenna
40 Emma entire, universal Emmie, Emeline, Ema
41 Molly star of the sea Mollie, Polly, Sally
42 Hannah Hebrew: "God has favored me" Anna, Chana, Hannie
43 Alice Old German: "noble" or "exalted" Ally, Alison, Alecia
44 Amy beloved Amita, Aimee, Ama
45 Brooke water, small stream Brooklynne, Breck
46 Katie Greek: "pure" Katheryn, Cady, Katya
47 Abigail Hebrew: "father of exaltation" Abbie, Gail, Gayle
48 Leah Hebrew: "delicate" or "weary" Lee, Lea, Leigh, Lia
49 Jasmine jasmine Yasmin, Jasline, Jazz
50 Gracie Latin: "favor" or "blessing" Gracia, Grania, Kacie
51 Amber semiprecious gem Amberetta, Amberly, Ebony
52 Rosie rose Rosemary, Rose, Rosalie
53 Sofia wisdom Sophie, Selphie, Effie
54 Matila Old German: "mighty in battle" Mattie, Tilly, Madison
55 Florence Latin: "flowering" or "in bloom" Fiorentina, Flo, Flora
56 Elizabeth Hebrew: "God's promise" or "God is my oath" Beth, Bethan, Eliza, Elsie
57 Faith faith Charity, Fidelity, Fe
58 Amelie industrious, rival, laborious, eager Amy, Ama, Adele
59 Georgia farmer Georgette, Georgina, Jorja
60 Anna Hebrew: "God has favored me" Anja, Hannah, Annabel
61 Maya industrious, striving, laborious, eager Amalia, Mia, Moya
62 Madison Old English: "son of the mighty" Maddie, Matilda
63 Julia Latin: "youthful" Julianna, Julie, Juliet
64 Rebecca Hebrew: "bind" Becca, Becky, Rebah
65 Bethany Hebrew: "house of figs" Beth, Bethan, Betty
66 Paige young servant Padget, Peggy, Page
67 Maddison Old English: "son of the mighty" Miranda, Maddy
68 Niamh Irish: "bright" or "radiant" Neve, Nieve, Neeve
69 Kayla slim, fair Kyla, Kaelah, Caylie
70 Isabel Hebrew: "God's promise" or "God if my oath" Isla, Izzie, Izabel
71 Bella beautiful Belle, Arabelle, Belinda
72 Esme Old French: "to love" Emme, Estee, Erma
73 Isobel Hebrew: "God's promise" or "God if my oath" Bella, Annabelle, Bel
74 Lexie Greek: "man's defender" Alexis, Lexia, Lexus
75 Lauren Latin: "laurel" or "bay" Lorraine, Laurie, Lorelei
76 Caitlin pure Cate, Catelyn, Catherine
77 Willow willow Wilma, Willamina, Willa
78 Zoe life Zooey, Zoya, Zia
79 Skye sky Sky, Skyla, Starla
80 Rose rose Rosie, Rosemary, Rosa
81 Zara Arabic: "radiance" Zora, Zarina, Sarah, Sara
82 Keira black or lord Siera, Kitra, Kiara
83 Eleanor Greek: "sun ray, shining light" Ellie, Ely, Nora, Dora
84 Eliza Hebrew: "God's promise" or "God if my oath Aliza, Elize, Lizzy
85 Emilia Latin: rival, laborious, eager Melia, Amelia, Amelie
86 Martha Aramaic: "lady" or "mistress" Marta, Pat, Mattie, Matilda
87 Hollie holly Holly, Ivy, Laurel
88 Evelyn bird Eve, Lynne, Evie
89 Heidi Old German: "exalted nature" Helga, Hester, Adelaide
90 Tilly Old German: "mighty in battle" Matilda, Mattie, Milly
91 Darcy dark Domina, Darklis
92 Eve life, animal Eva, Evelyne, Evie
93 Nicole Greek: "victory of people" Nicola, Nicky, Naomi
94 Elsie Hebrew: "God's promise" or "God if my oath Maisie, Daisy, Elspeth
95 Sarah Hebrew: "princess" Sara, Zara,
96 Libby Hebrew: "God's promise" or "God if my oath Eliabeth, Bethan, Livvy
97 Harriet Old German: "home ruler" Harry,
98 Abbie Hebrew: "father of exaltation" Abigail,
99 Maisy pearl Daisy, Elsie, Maisie
100 Mya Greek: "great, mother" Mia,

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