The Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 Are Here

Attention to all you future moms and dads out there: The most popular baby names of 2014 are finally here, and you might want to check them out. You know, just in case you need any ideas. The Social Security Administration released the names and Emma and Noah were the top choices for girls and boys respectively. I might be biased, but Emma's a pretty great name.

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 Are Here
Published by Emma Goddard. Photo: WeWomen

Many of the names are biblical (if you didn't already catch that with Noah), and we've seen them on past lists before. Emma and Emily for instance make the top names quite frequently. However, Charlotte, which just so happens to be the name of Kate Middleton and Prince William's newborn, made the list for the first time ever, and I'm loving it! Charlotte is a gorgeous name and ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's movie Getting There, I've enjoyed the idea of being able to call my future daughter Charlie. So there's that.

As for the boys' names, I'm loving the fact that Liam and Mason made the cut. Although I'm not sure how Miley Cyrus will feel about her ex-fiance's name ranking at number two, I'm sure Kardashian is loving the fact that her son's name, Mason, made number three. Overall however, I'm definitely feeling this list as I imagine most people are since they are the top names after all.

Find the top 10 baby names here:


1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Sophia
4. Isabella
5. Ava
6. Mia
7. Emily
8. Abigail
9. Madison
10. Charlotte


1. Noah
2. Liam
3. Mason
4. Jacob
5. William
6. Ethan
7. Michael
8. Alexander
9. James
10. Daniel

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