Beyond The Belles: 55 Baby Names That Mean Beautiful

Who doesn't want a gorgeous child? Alright, so we're not the Jolie-Pitts but there's no reason we can't bestow a name meaning beautiful or handsome on one of our own. Why not put baby's best - most attractive - foot forward? In the wise words of Les Brown: "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss - you'll be amongst the stars". Here are 55 stunning names for boys and girls that simply mean beautiful.

Beyond The Belles: 55 Baby Names That Mean Beautiful

1. Aurelius
"The golden one" - Aurelius i.e. Marcus Aurelius was one of Rome's greatest emperors and philosophers. Longer names like Augustus and Maximilian have become common, making room for the lofty, lengthy Aurelius.
2. Farrah
This name ran like a leaky Fawcett in the 1970s, thanks to a certain Farrah and her affinity for swimwear. Farrah means "beauty" in Gaelic, "joy" in Arabic, and "glory" or "fortune" in Persian. Take your pick, she's got the looks.

3. Beau
Beau already means handsome, and with his splash of Southern charm, Beau is simply delicious. Celebrities, sensing Beau's star quality, are naming their son's accordingly (we've got everyone from Jamie-Lynn Sigler to Emma Bunton a.k.a. "Ginger Spice" clamoring to get on the Beau wagon).

4. Calla
From the Greek, "kallos", meaning beauty. Calla is also a name from the garden that is ripe for the picking.

5. Clara
Clear as a bell and right on point trend-wise, Clara hits all the high notes.

6. Bonnie
No longer immediately referenced as Clyde's counterpart, Bonnie's making quite the comeback. The real name of Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) plus the daughter of Scarlett and Rhett in "Gone with the Wind", Bonnie's a beauty.

7. Andrew
Manly and handsome, Andrew is another name that has stood the test of time and remains popular but not too popular. Nicknames Andy and Drew give this name options, but we prefer Andrew on his own.

8. Beale
Beale - just a hop, skip, and jump away from being the "new" coolest surname (right now we're still working with Cooper, Miller, Anderson, Sawyer, and Sutton). Perfect for a fair-haired baby boy, the comely Beale is on the verge.

9. Jolie
Jolie meaning "pretty" in French, might have seemed a bit superficial were it not for superstar humanitarian Angelina Jolie - a renaissance woman who has proved time and time again that she is far more than a pretty face.

10. Topanga
Originally the name of a beautiful southern canyon, parents today will immediately think of true blue Topanga Lawrence-Matthews, Cory Matthew's smart ( the later episodes, sexy) sweetheart. Topanga is shapely and sassy.

11. Lily
What more can we say? Lily is perfect; a symbol of purity and innocence, not to mention beauty - Lily is pretty, pleasing, and popular.

12. Sistine
Thank "Rocky" (a.k.a. Sylvester Stallone) for this one. The name of the enchanting and famous chapel in the Vatican, Sistine is celebrated for her ceiling - painted by none other than Michelangelo. Throngs of visitors have been so captivated by this ceiling that the stories of "I was stuck staring at the ceiling and lost my family" are tragically typical.

13. Finn
All forms of this "beautiful child" are on the rise. Whether it be Finn, Finneen, Finlay, or Finnegan, you've got a fair-haired, adorable boy on your hands.

14. Venus
Venus Williams step aside, this Grecian name from the Gods is for the Goddesses who will inhabit the Earth.

15. Cosima
Come-hither Cosima - fetching and regal, we can't help but admire you. Sadly, Cosima has a bit of baggage (if you consider Cosima Wagner's antisemitism baggage). But it hasn't deterred British royalty - hey, Cosima Windsor - it shouldn't deter you.

16. Sedona
A personal favorite, Sedona is another magical place - this one right in the U.S.A. Exalted for her magnificent landscape, radiant with orange-red earth and pink rocks (yes - pink!), Sedona of Arizona will be forever ingrained in our memories as a place of almost overwhelming beauty.

17. Wynn
However you choose to spell it, Wynn is not a boy who earns those embarrassing medals for participation but scores first place. Watch out world: we've got a winner here.

18. Amara
Amara is a name with a multitude of origins and meanings, "eternally beautiful", "beloved", "dearest", "eternal", "grace", and if we're reaching way back to the Greeks "unfading". Pronounced Ah-mare-uh or Ah-more-uh, Amara fires on all cylinders.

19. Shaina
An incredibly meaningful name for those with Jewish heritage. Shaina stems from the Yiddish meaning "beautiful" and comes with the sweet, soft nickname, Shay.

20. Sienna
Sienna - an attractive actress, an Italian place (spelled 'Siena'), and a lush reddish brown hue with the Crayola crayon to match. Sienna, like Sierra and other gorgeous landscapes (we're excluding Brooklyn and Camden here, since both are close to home and neither bring beauty to mind - unless artisanal pickle makers or grinding poverty are your bag) is on the rise. And why not? With associations like this, Sienna is a heartbreaker waiting to happen.

21. Devon
Speaking of pretty places, here's another brought to us from across the pond, Devon of the county Devon in England. Used on both boys and girls, Dev is a name that may have hit her heyday in the 1990s but she is certainly here to stay.

22. Dashiell
Okay, you caught us. This name doesn't mean handsome but with his original meaning unknown we're given more of a free hand here. His name will inevitably be Dash (as in "dashing") and that's all we need to know about this fetching fellow.

23. Kenna
Diminutive of McKenna, Kenna's popularity will colonize the world with gorgeous girls called Ken. And won't that be a sight for a sore eyes...

24. Inga
A Swedish name with beauty and brains, Inga is far prettier than its variation, Ingaborg. Inga harkens back to Norse mythology, recalling the powerful god Ing who presided over peace and fertility.

25. Paris
A name that's nearly gone to the girls - nearly. If Pierce Brosnan can name his son Paris, so can we. And Paris, according to Greek mythology, was famed for his outstanding beauty and kindness. Okay, so he fulfilled that prophecy about bringing ruin to his homeland when he stole the King of Sparta's wife, Helen, causing the Trojan war. But hey, he was swift with his arrows and hella handsome, so respect.

26. Lana
God bless Lana del Rey for breathing new life into both the music industry and the naming world. Lana, a feminine form of Alan, is the sleeker, chicer version of Alana and with its meaning of 'beautiful', this little lady will turn a lot of a heads.

27. Cullen
Yeah yeah, we know - Twilight's Edward Cullen (and more importantly Rob Pattinson) set fire to this surname which is currently burning up the charts. Alright, Cullen is undeniably hot.

28. Dorian
Originally derived from Doris, meaning "gift of the ocean", Dorian's allure stems from Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Dorian is known for his narcissistic tendencies (Dorian sells his soul so that, while he retains his bewitching good looks, his portrait will age and rot away). His insatiable need for pleasure may have led to his downfall but we vain Americans are unconvinced. Dorian is only growing in popularity.

29. Keene
Cool, calm, and collected - Keene is a born charmer.

30. Charis
In Greek mythology, the Kharites were goddesses of charm, womanly beauty, nature, and creative inspiration. Myths aside, Charis has charisma to spare.

31. Orpheus
This Greek poet composed music that made even the trees dance. Yep, we're done.

32. Opal
Opal - an alluring jewel meaning (of course) the gemstone. A chameleon, Opal comes in a kaleidoscope of colors, each one as divine as the next. For an even hipper version, try Opaline.

33. Aretha
Aretha Franklin - songstress extraordinaire - her voice has captivated and moved generations (and generations to come). Aside from the talented modern-day namesake, Aretha also means "beautiful" in Greek and stands for "virtue and excellence" in Arabic.

34. Alan
Aw, Alan. A name that doesn't suggest the boy will have to move mountains or land a modeling contract before his 2nd birthday. Alan means handsome but he's also cheerful, a combination that makes him a bit more down-to-earth.

35. Sephora
Yes, it does seem obvious that the name Sephora, moniker of the megachain for beauty products, might have something to do with attractiveness. We suggest waiting a few years on this one, until Sephora either goes out of business (unlikely) or becomes basic enough that your enchanting daughter will never be mistaken for your go-to shop for last-minute lip gloss.

36. Teagan / Teague
Teagan - one of the few names for boys that doesn't mean handsome but beautiful. The nickname Teague gives it a bit more of masculine feel, making Teagan more alluring for the moms and dads of a soon-to-be-born son.

37. Apollo
Admittedly, a tough name to live up to. Not that that stopped Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale from naming their youngest Apollo (brother to Kingston and Zuma). Apollo, son of Zeus, God of medicine, music, and poetry to name a few; is a pressure-cooker of a name that suits a boy destined for greatness.

38. Helen
The face that launched a thousand ships belonged to Helen of Troy, considered in Greek mythology to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Not a bad start, we'd say...

39. Raphael / Rafael
Revel in Rafe who is destined to be rakishly handsome. A romantic archangel, Renaissance painter, vision of perfection tennis pro Rafael Nadal, we could go on but we won't.

40. Linnea
Anyone who hasn't read the children's book, "Linnea", filled with illustrations that chronicle one little girl's adventures in Monet's gardens, needs to race to their local bookshop or Amazon Prime stat. For everyone else: this beauty is already soaring popularity-wise in Scandinavia, and it's easy to see why - she's darling, delightful, and brimming with intellectual curiosity.

41. Leander
Loyal and lion-like, Leander was famous for swimming across the hellespont (now the Dardanelles) every night to visit his beloved. Devoted, determined, and drop-dead looks? We love Leander.

42. Kevin
An old Irish standard, Kevin - despite desperate attempts to turn Kevin unisex (yes, there are girl Kevin's) - is all-boy.

43. Keefe
Poor Keefe. A terrific choice if you lived in Ireland, but sadly the only thing worse than being named "Keefe" is being named "Keith" which is just what this little guy will have to confront - all day, every day for life.

44. Layla
Eric Clapton couldn't get enough of this dark beauty. Layla also means "intoxicating" and we predict the masses will find her irresistible.

45. Laramie
A place name of swaggering provence, Laramie conjures up wild west dreams of chiseled cowboys: rough on the outside but sensitive softies within. Referencing Laramie, Wyoming; the Laramie River; and the Laramie Mountains - a range of peaks in the Rockies; Laramie is the perfect blend of the great outdoors. Buyer beware: Laramie has some unpleasant recent history that must be acknowledged (see the homophobic-inspired stoning to death of gay college student named Matthew Shepard for more).

46. Farley
Pleasant and pleasing, Farley is one of those Clark Kent types - he's striking but he doesn't know it.

47. Zahara
Zahara Jolie-Pitt's name is right on the money. Not only does it mean beautiful, but it's also akin to a shining star. Superb.

48. Dermot
The anglicized version of Diarmaid, Dermot is rare but he shouldn't be. Take Dermot Mulroney, for instance. A name that's Irish but isn't Aidan or Liam, Dermot's namesake Diarmaid possessed a mark on his face that caused women (yes, all women) to fall instantly and deliriously in love with him. Mothers lock up your daughters.

49. Diana
When people hear Diana, they imagine the British princess who was as comfortable wearing couture as she was wearing protective vests (she received much-deserved recognition for her fight to end land mines). Diana was indeed the people's princess. Her untimely death sparked worldwide mourning that is still felt today. Classic and versatile, any newborn babe would be lucky to be named Diana.

50. Karl
Manly and monosyllabic - strapping Karl won't cause any confusion in the testosterone department.

51. Hassan
A name that's international, Arabic in origin, yet strangely familiar (this familiarity is most likely due to Khaled Hosseini, who named his incorruptibly decent protagonist Hassan in "The Kite Runner"). Whatever the reason, Hassan would make a distinctive choice.

52. Hadley
Our generation's answer to Haley (or Hailey, Hayley, Haleigh, and on and on) - Hadley is fun but never flighty, dazzling and sophisticated. Please, let us learn from our ancestors (i.e. parents) and not get "kreativ" with spelling.

53. Ara
"Ara the beautiful" was a legendary Armenian hero - and that fact alone gives Ara a leg up in the looks department. But more than that, Ara is Asa without the "ass" teasing potential.

54. Adonis
The penultimate of attractiveness, Adonis was the Greek god of beauty and desire. Adonis was put on Earth to be admired, so much so that his name has become synonymous with beautiful male youth. Sublime without a hint of the subtle, Adonis will be beating the girls off with a stick.

55. Orion
Not content with a name that resides only on Earth? Try Orion, he hasn't just got his own illustrious history, he's got a constellation.

Beyond The Belles: 55 Baby Names That Mean Beautiful

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