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Baby Names Inspired By Your Favorite Rom-Coms

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There's something about Mar — we mean, something about rom-coms. Whether films of this genre are actually good in the way of introducing a fresh wave of inclusivity and elevating stereotypical tropes in a loving and commemorative manner (we're looking at you, To All The Boys I've Loved Before) — or they're just so bad it's good, there's a reason so many people love them. 

If you love rom-coms as much as we do, then what's stopping you from sourcing baby name inspiration from them, too? Keep reading for some of the best baby name ideas from our tried-and-true favorites. You know, the ones you've watched and re-watched a million times. Never Been Kissed, anyone?

From Harry to Sally and even unexpected choices, like Pretty Woman's Vivian, you'll love these monikers as much as the movies they're inspired by.