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These Mermaid Tattoos Are So Pretty They're Like a Dose of Vitamin Sea

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It doesn't get much more magical than mermaids, does it? Half beautiful woman, half fish, the siren of the sea has factored in human folklore and mythology for ages.

Even in modern times, we're still positively enamored by the idea of fishtailed creatures with starfish in their salty, air-combed tresses. Disney films like The Little Mermaid can certainly attest to this. But the following list of mermaid tattoos isn't restricted to solely Disney ink-spiration.

Whether it's the silhouette of a fishtail, or the full figure of a sea goddess floating beneath the waves, these mermaid tattoos are so pretty that they'll scratch your itch to dunk beneath the waves yourself, no matter the time of year. Vitamin sea? Yes, please. Mermaid ink? We'll take it. Click ahead for all of the fishy tattoos your siren heart could desire.