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Beautiful and Delicious Vegan Recipes from Lina Saber

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Lina Saber
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If you've seen pictures of beautiful smoothie bowls or colorful layered mason jars in your Instagram feed lately, chances are Lina Saber is behind them. Lina, who's a vegan nutritionist and the author of the Radiant Plant Life ebook, has a knack for creating vegan eats that are almost too pretty to eat.

But you should be eating these stunning foods, as each of her recipes is packed with plant-based goodness. And there's no better time to learn from Lina than now, as she's partnered with AT&T Hello Lab on a new Instagram series called Dine & Thrive. Over the course of the series, she's teaching fans how to make her exciting dishes and encouraging them to come up with recipes on their own too. Be sure to check it out on her Instagram and here are 15 of Lina's delicious recipes to get your started.