Why Now Is the Time To Chop Your Hair

You know you want to.

Why Now Is the Time To Chop Your Hair
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The last time I impulsively chopped off all of my hair, I promised myself that it would never happen again and I have since been growing out my locks for the last 5+ years. I had anxiety just discussing the idea of a real haircut and I would happily spend some serious money on a one-inch trim. But when the long bob (or "lob" as it is affectionately referred to) hit Hollywood, it took every ounce of willpower I had to keep away from the salon.

The look is effortlessly chic and surprisingly low maintenance (compared to the 13- inch-long locks I'm still rocking) yet I just couldn't commit — and let's be honest, it's a major commitment. Have you been thinking of taking the plunge and chopping your length? There's no better time than now and here's why:

It's Low Maintenance

Short(er) hair is so much more low maintenance regardless of how much you chop. You'll spend less money on products, less time washing, drying, and styling — plus, overall, a lot less time maintaining the cut. And if you're going for that "I woke up like this" look, the shorter the better. 

It'll Update Your Style

Chopping your hair is an easy way to update your style with a fresh, new look. You may love your long locks, but long hair can look dull and tired, and is usually difficult to style because it just seems to hang. A short(er) haircut gives you a fashion forward look without spending the money to update your wardrobe - and it goes with everything! A cut is a fun and flirty update to any girl's style.

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It Grows Back

The hair grows back! If fear is the main reason keeping you from chopping your hair, remember that it will grow back. You're not making a life-long commitment with the short(er) style and if you just can't handle a drastic change, start with a longer style like a mid-length bob or a shoulder length cut and go from there. Wait a week and if you're loving the look or feeling more adventurous, go back to the salon and ask for a pixie or an asymmetrical bob; and, if you absolutely hate it, you'll be happy you can still put up a ponytail until it grows back some length.

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