The Revlon x The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Collection Is Here

The Revlon x The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Collection Is Here(Source:; Revlon) We've been waiting for the new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie to come out for a few reasons. 1) Emma Stone's killer platinum hair 2) Andrew Garfield 3) We knew there would be some pretty sweet makeup collabs coming down the pike. And guess what? We were right. Revlon just released its new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electric Chrome Collection, and it's an electrifying collection we're positive Gwen Stacy (that's Emma Stone's character, for all you non-comic book nerds) would go crazy for.

The collection is of course inspired by The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in which Spidey faces evil villain, Electro—hence the electric theme of the makeup. The limited-edition collection consists of three new shades of Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss ($7.99 each) and six new colors of the Nail Enamel ($5.99 each). The bold and unique hues have glowing glass pearls in the formula to give an illuminated chrome appearance.

Lipgloss colors include: Sparks Fly (an orange-red), Killer-Watt (a vibrant raspberry), and Electro-Shock (a cool blue).
The Revlon x The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Collection Is Here
Left to right: Sparks Fly, Killer-Watt, and Electro-Shock (Source: Revlon)Nail enamel shades include: 1000 Volts (an iridescent gold), Gwen’s Crush (a potent fuchsia), I’m Electro (a cool blue), Super-Powered (a shimmering navy), Spidey Sense (a marvelous red), and Electrified Web (a pearlized orange).
The Revlon x The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Collection Is HereLeft to right: 1000 Volts, Gwen’s Crush, I’m Electro, Super-Powered, Spidey Sense, and Electrified Web. (Source: Revlon)The StyleBistro team got a chance to play around with the new Revlon goodies, and we got so excited we made a little Vine to show off the new shades. Now this is how you prep for Spider-Man if you ask us. Check it out, below.

Revlon's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electric Chrome Collection is available at mass retailers now.
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