Learn EXACTLY How to Get Adele's Flawless Eyeliner Look

It's the makeup tutorial we've all been waiting for.

Learn EXACTLY How to Get Adele's Flawless Eyeliner Look

There are many things to be envious of when it comes to Hollywood's leading ladies: J.Lo's inability to age, Beyonce's killer curves, pretty much everything about Jennifer Lawrence, and Adele's unbelievably perfect eyeliner, to name a few.

While we wait for a swig from J.Lo's Fountain of Youth, we can actually give Adele's cat-eye a real shot, since her very own makeup artist just revealed his tricks. That's right, Michael Ashton appeared in fellow makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's video to give the most thorough tutorial on the singer's signature look.

Ashton has worked with Adele for nine years and it might take you that long to perfect his methods, but now we know exactly what it takes. Either way, at least you can say that you've triiiiiiiied.

Check out the tutorial here:

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